Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Rabbit, the Pear and the SCARE!

OK... so all this went down in the span of like four hours, and that includes right now (so this stuff is REALLY fresh). First things first..

  1. The Rabbit: HAPPY RABBIT RABBIT DAY!! What? Does anyone else not remember when Nickelodeon ,*cough (was good) cough cough* , used to have a theme devoted to everyday? One day would be potato chip day and the next would be walk on your hands day or something? Well, the first of every month was Rabbit Rabbit day and your supposed to ensure good luck for the month by saying Rabbit Rabbit before ANYTHING else that morning. I have never done it.... until today! Apparently waking up at four AM to go set up for the most awesomest radio show in south florida has its advantages. Here's to a lucky September!
  2. The Pear:


Those avid cake-ers that remember the Dragonfruit post will recall the bold red color that ensures an amazingly sweet flavor. The color is shared, but where the dragon was bland the prickle is grand! This fruit was sweet and similar to the flavor of a sweet kiwifruit. The only catch is that you have to peel it, chop it, mash it and strain it. This xtra effort is brought to you by course seeds which are random and hard to swallow, like a Paul Walker movie (FACED!).

Speaking of faced... it was happy to see me! And to answer your questions

  • the pan is working awesome
  • the Pear Puree was sweet and honestly should have been thickened and used as a syrup
  • and the color due to Dark Chocolate powder!

I figured since it was a latin american fruit i would try and pair it with something remnant of a mole, however... there was not enough sweetness in the puree to combat the cocoa. So... these ended up tasting more like the wafers in an Oreo cookie which are AWESOME!!! (note: totally remaking these and sandwiching in some tofu ice cream = ice cream oreo!) All in all, im giving these 4.5/5 syrup bottles (<-- new rating system!)

And yes... i ate one with my hands. This... is MEDIEVAL TIIIIIIIIIIIIIMES!!!

3. The Scare: Well, those of you that know me well know how frugal I am. Other than impulse buys i hardly ever buy anything myself, especially since im between jobs right now. So, stopping at the store for something frivolous almost never happens. However, something got me wanting to try a new fruit so i stopped at on the way home. Im expecting to find a nice spice, maybe even a new marmalade... but the fruit jumped at me. AND it was cheaper so im thinking 'double score'! The only thing is that this decision took a lot longer than i thought, and i was sleepy, so i grabbed a soda and started to sip... and sip... and *gasp*. GONE?! Is this okay? Will they be mad. Moreover, is it stealing if i dont pay for it... technically its still in the store right. Well... this look of trepidation must have been plainer than i thought cause all of a sudden a heavy-set jamacian woman came out like a thief in the night and started grilling me about whether i was paying for that soda or not.

My response: "No. But im not taking it with me either... where's the Bathroom?"

Having never said the most unfunny thing ever, i was shocked to see her face... but then cowered in fear and told her that nothing would make me happier to pay. Then i helped her restock a box of Trix that fell off the shelf (im a wuss).

So.. there you have it. Another wonderful pancake to get us all through the week, a bad day at work and the occasional wild rodent. As always, feel free to make suggestions for future creations and message for the recipes. Until next time this is Panclayke reminding you that not all heavy people are jolly.

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