Saturday, September 12, 2009

Destination: Mexico!

You know how people always say that:'Death comes in threes?' Apparently, they were talking dimensions rather than people.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaat's right... its time for a MOVIE REVIEW!!! Now, those of you who follow the Final Destination movies knew what was in store when the first previews were shown. Typical story... boy has vision and indvertantly saves some people, death gets pissed, survivors die in the order they were supposed to and just when you think everything is happy...... someone gets hit by a bus.

Now, dont get me wrong. Yous truly loves a good explosion movie as much as the next guy. However, where the road to our first final desination was paved with the wonder that is Ali Larter and Devon 'to sexy' Sawa... the most recent boy in the band is packed to the brim with no names that, sadly, do not leave you wanting more. The writing is another story, if there was ONE thing i did want when i was leaving the theater it was for some more body in the script. I mean, im a (vegan) meat and potatoes man as much as the next guy but this movie proved to be ALL potatoes... pre-made at best. However, the light at the end of the tunnel on this one was that the potatoes were in 3-D! Explosions, debris, and BLOOD like there was no tomorrow... in 3-D! It almost made me want to go outside and ust soak up all the wonder that is this third dimension that I have been taking for granted this entire time. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME!?!?

All in all, in spite of the 3-D novelty, occaisional nudity and the nostalgia of how awesome Devon was... The Final Destination receives a bottle of syrup 2/10 full.

Aside from the regret that i will never get my $10 (riiiiiiip!) back, the saturday was not a total loss. No, sadly the new pancake has yet to be unveiled... but, there was an awesome new breakfast creation worth mentioning.

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you: Chip-Oatmeal! A savory oat creation that had the taste of a taco and the texture of a risotto. Yes, only a meal as wonderful as breakfast can take you to Mexico and Italy simultaneously. Now, I have never tried a savory bowl of Oats myself, but it was recently broght to my attention that i ALWAYS have a spicy stir fry with brown rice, whats the difference between that and oatmeal? Ill tell you.... nothing!!!!!

"You Put WHAT In There?"

We got the oatmeal, thats a given. Couple that with a diced chipotle pepper, some balck beans, a dallop or two of salsa add some diced avocado at the end and you have the recipe for a breakfast that takes you south of the border while singing 'Bella Notte'! I highly siggest everyone break the oat wall sometime this week and add some spice to that Guy on the Oatmeal Box. (p.s., i Cap'n Crunch just an animated version of that guy? They look pretty similar if i do say so myself).

Well, true believers, it is late and i have some fine Fringe dvd's to watch before the sheets happen. So, until next time, this is PanClayke reiding you that there is a reason why 'Best movie in 3D' is not an oscar category.


  1. oats are really the ULTIMATE food! you can do anything with them and they will always be good. I made the best risotto the other night with them. Whole oat groats, roasted beets, and lots and lots of almond basil pesto. Oh man was it good!
    Final destination- now that is a movie I do not want to see. But you know what is coming out in 3 D this weekend?? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! You may have to come watch it with me because my friends give me weird looks when I bring it up.

  2. i love the new 3D so much more money but it is so worth it i think it makes anything more interesting