Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Pancakes??? (part deux)

Many of you will remember the 'self-conversation' from a few days ago. The clifs notes version is an inner monologue which vindicates my decision to reside in the kingdom of Neverland for the rest of my life. Which is good, since i always wanted to live on a ranch anyway.
I keed, I keed. Seriously, i like a natural immiturity. I mean, i dont think i could imagine living in a world without Ren and Stimpy or Salute your Shorts. I also dont think its a coincidence that some of the highest earning films of late have been Superhero moviesand Theme park attractions . I think its because, as children, we dont have a sense of 'needing' to do something. There are no deadlines, papers, TPS Reports, bills, jobs, etc. As children we do things out of instinct and, therefore, only do what were passionate about. Ergo... when we see something that rekindles memories of childhood in an adult fashion, we remeber that sense of passion and get the URGE to get out there and do it.
Which leads to the meat of the post... the cream in the oreo, if you will. Passion. Right now is when a lot of cake-lovers (self included) are searching through the wastes of the world trying to find what they are supposed to do with their lives. Im sure it comes from there being so many options out there in the world but thats another story (and another pancake). We search and search hoping that the 'hail mary' pass will land in the end zone. When it would seem we should be asking ourselves what our passions are. Then do THAT.
After extensive thought and 2 liters of mountain dew, I determined that I am no closer to finding out what said passion is that i was ten minutes ago. However, i then asked myself the same question in another way.... "What would you gladly pay someone to let you do?". (get your mind out of the gutter. Okay, one gutter thought-------- STOP!)
There were few things that popped up after this thought... things that ive pondered upon in the last few months and others that have permeated my life like vanilla extract in a pancake batter.
  • Culinary School
  • Guitar/german/voice lessons
  • DVD's (like whoa)
  • Membership to a gym
  • An agent
  • Community Theater (dont normally pay for this, but the lack of pay in present economy carries the same principle IMO)
  • Working with children (same reason as community theater)
  • A Good night out with friends

What does this tell me? At first glance I couldn't make heads nor tails, so I started to push a couple down the list. Culinary school and german lessons were the first to go, since I know how to cook already and have enough German books around to practice vocabulary when I need to. DVD's went down too and are not categorized in the 'special treat' category, the gym membership still stands and agent got coupled with community theater. Needless to say, this process went on for quite some time. Upon completion I realized that I would GLADLY pay to do something a little more 'widespread'... and that was make people smile.

Sounds whimsical, no? How could one make money doing this you may be asking, but i ust couldnt stop thinking about the face someone gives when you plop a big stack of flapjacks in front of them, or the look when you make someone laugh while performing on stage. Even when you can serenade someone who's dealt with screaming bosses and children all week... and even shouting in German for more ale when chatting with strangers at a bar. I dont know EXACTLY how im going to make a living on this aspirition but ill let you know when i get there.

So... that being said. Why Pancakes? Because i always smile at least once on pancake day no matter what... and love think that other people may be inspired to make a nice treat once in a while... and thus, smile.

*Mission Accomplished*

-What would you PAY someone to do? I say do that no matter what!

Tune in next time for a new creation inspired by an ollllllld favorite. What could it be? Come back and find out!

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