Sunday, September 27, 2009

Winner Winner, Pancakes for Dinner!

First things first... the winner of the Brownie Zbars has been chosen, and the winner is... Livin it! Just Email me the address to send these bad boys too and I will ship them out faster than you can say Meatball. Speaking of meatballs....

Many of you may remember the film review that took place one post ago. Well, remember how i said it was making me hungry..... im a sucker for craving things. what can i say? Thus i give you..
Spa-pancake and Meatballs!
It almost looks too good to be true... doesn't it. Either that or your looking for the bucket because:" There is no WAY this can taste good". Well, you would be wrong friend. These bad boys are Savory beyond all reason (and are designed for dinner rather than a breakfast). Although, i can think of no better cure for a morning hangover than a good plate of these bellas. Also, those of you non-believers, let me stifle you gags with a question... Have you ever re-heated some pizza in order to break your fast?
My apologies for not posting this weekend (on the standard american pancake day) but things got a bit more hectic than i would have liked toward the evening. The kitchen was being overtaken by parent 'chicken cookery' so the cooking of things was much easier said than done. Why you ask? Well... thats the secret to these pancakes. You see, there was one thing i was not going to give up on and that was the meatballs creating a 'hill effect' in the billow-y cake plain. The question is: "How do you heat the whole top when there are two kick stands holding up the cake? Then i remembered: baked ziti, mac and cheese, pizza and spaghetti pie. These dishes get the tops cooked because they're baked! So... the key is to prep the broiler while you are mixing (but not over-mixing) the batter and just throwing the cakes in the oven to crisp the top at the time you would normally flip them. Keep them there for no longer than two minutes and then take them out... the next one should be ready for you to pop in there. Now granted, there are a couple more movements involved... but the extra "aerobics" will make us all feel better since we care technically having comfort food from two different continents for dinner. However, these are not only vegan... but theyre not bad for you at all (whole wheat flour, brewers yeast and a bit of EVOO <--- thanks rach).
Not only was the kitchen occupied, but i found out last night that i had to go into work this morning which means jetting out for the radio station at 4 in the AM. The sun isn't even ready to greet me with his two scoops of rasins and im driving around the city of Miami. Thank goodness i LOVE where i get to go every morning.
Also, quick review.... i tried the newest Clif Bar at work today. Let me be the first to say that these will NEVER be given away... they are too packed full of awesome and pecan pralines and MAPLE SYRUP! This clif was totally a coincidence (maple syrup and all) but put me in an awesome mood and had be almost skipping around the station this morning. Im going to give this bar 9/10 bottles of syrup.
Well fellow cake-amore, I am off to get sexier at the gym for a bit (before the crowd shows up). As usual, shoot me a message if you would like to make these yourselves and stay tuned for more shennanigans (*pistol-whip <-- anyone who knows this reference is awesome!). Unitl next time this is PanClayke reminding you that this is the cake... such a beau-tiful cake.... and they call it Bella Notte.

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  1. Yay for winning. The only problem is that I can't find your email address. Care to share? ♥