Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fresh-Pan Cake-teen

Dood, seriously... i JUST thought of that title. It may not seem like a big deal now... but wait, its all happening riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight -GO!
OK, so first things first.... the award for the first guinea pig is going to an old favorite, i'll give you a hint: "Silly Rabbit _____ are for kids."

Good Job: "Petophilios!" (awkward) No, the real ansnwer is Trix, for two reasons. The first one being pity. The fact that the rabbit can't have some cereal is a picture of all the injustice in the world. It's pure discrimination and that is WRONG! The second is that I was thinking of a theme for the first expriment and was remembering the first year of college where ALL i had in my mock pantry (bookshelf) were trix cereal and diet mountain dew(<-- im healthy!).

Thus, we had the addition prepped and ready. P.S., why did nobody tell me that the Trix cereal stopped making the cereal in the fruit shapes and started making little, fruit-ish tasting balls? Sure, they were swirly, but have the fun was pretending you were going through the farmers market picking the ripe fruit. Well, i guess fruit is for adults and balls are for kids (awkward squared).

Then we had to make the batter nice and liquid-y, so i whipped out the other half of the freshman essentials and threw it on in there. And... O-M-G, i found the missing factor to the airy pancake that everyone looks for. The carbonation coming from the soda maintained in the pancake just enough to make it airy and wonderful... not to mention gave it a hint of citrus which was pretty refreshing early in the morning. *Note: prepare for more recipes involving some form of soda and/or energy drink?
Anyway, once you incorporate the mix (not to much) oil up the griddle and plop some love down... panclayke style! Then drop some Trix along the top like snow falling on the cedars and wait for the bubbles to come to the top to play. Then its time to flip for a couple minutes, repeat process and

Paired with a delicios iced coffee and you have th recipe for a wonderful breakfast and a nostalgic morning. Also, there was a little surprise on the 'flip side' when i noticed the sugar in the cereal had burned a little on the top and carmelized nicely.. kind of like making a s'more out of peeps.
Whoa... peeps? Talk about taking a trip back in time! Looks like its time to hop into my DeLorean and gun it to 88. So, until next time: This is PanClayke reminding you to draw inspiration from anywhere and prepare for a surprise on the flip side.
Also.............. don't discriminate, 'specially something as cute as a bunny.


  1. Did I mention you're crazy?? Trix in pancakes? Haha that is great! I've made chocolate cake with coke in it before but never pancakes.

    As for your cherry dilemma..
    -cherries & peanut butter (like a pbj)
    -cherries & cream cheese (like cherry cheesecake)
    -cherries, chocolate, & coconut (like black forest cake)
    -microwave cherries (sans pits) so they made a warm, cherry sauce to drizzle on top :)

  2. haha Clay, you never fail to make me laugh - thank you ^.^

    You know I used to make smores pancakes? Yep. They were awesome - pancakes made with cinnamon and nutmeg (to make it like a graham cracker) with chocolate chips and marshmallows cooked in. Good stuff haha.
    Hmm. If I were going to be a pancake - I think I'd be apples or bananas and peanut butter (cuz I never go a day without either of those haha) Go from there!

    Hope you're having a great weekend kid!