Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shot through the Heart.....

With a magic bullet! Today was the slowest of the slow... and I say that with all assurance. Normally you hear people gripe about 'sitting on their butts all day' and being unproductive. Well, i kid you not when I say i acttually went as far as to take some away from society. Dont believe me? The day started with a quick drive down to the beah before the sun came up so i could have front row seats to God hitting the reset button. It-was-awesome.... like, worthy of awe. Then i walked along the beach and stood in the sand while making fists with my toes-sies. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Die Hard for the best idea EVER! Honestly... i dont know why people do yoga or anything like that when they can just make fists with the toes! My only wish is that i could replace the carpet in my room with sand so i could start everyday like this. Then i got in the car, bought a loaf of bread and went home. All the while... i didnt pay for parking! Thats right society, i stole fifty cents from you guys and I am totally psyched about it. Now watch, the mayor is reading this right as we speak and will soon be coming for me. Therefore, since this will be my lost post I will leave you with the magical discovery of the day.....

Banana Butter!!!

How could this be? Well, the recent purchase of the magic bullet gave us the tool, and the nine hours of boredom provided the fuel to the flame. The recipe, however, cannot have the credit taken by moi... no no no. The true genius behind this creation is the lovely Katie and i must say im kinda upset with myself that i didnt come up with it myself. Think about it!!! Whats the best sandwich in the world? AFTER pineapple and ham..... right, PB and Naner! Howev-sies, i added my thirty pieces of flare by using Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter. Granted, im sure im not the only one that does this... but i wanted to at least appear creative today.

Seriously... cut me some CUH-razy slack with this. Why are the uses? spread it on toast, muffins, put it on oatmeal and cereal in the morning, dip some fruit in it, make ants on a cinnamon raisin swirl log, style your hair with it, make a dessert pasta. PUT IT ON PANCAKES! Why did i not think about that before i cooked this morning?!?! Now im upset at myself, great. Who said blogging it thereputic again?

In the end... this recipe is easy, tasty, healthy and cheap. so go out and make some.... riiiiiiiight NOW! Tune in next time for a pan-creation that will not only kick cancer in the face.... but ensures a spring to be put into your step. Until then, this is PanClayke reminding you that you give love... a bad name!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Winner Winner, Pancakes for Dinner!

First things first... the winner of the Brownie Zbars has been chosen, and the winner is... Livin it! Just Email me the address to send these bad boys too and I will ship them out faster than you can say Meatball. Speaking of meatballs....

Many of you may remember the film review that took place one post ago. Well, remember how i said it was making me hungry..... im a sucker for craving things. what can i say? Thus i give you..
Spa-pancake and Meatballs!
It almost looks too good to be true... doesn't it. Either that or your looking for the bucket because:" There is no WAY this can taste good". Well, you would be wrong friend. These bad boys are Savory beyond all reason (and are designed for dinner rather than a breakfast). Although, i can think of no better cure for a morning hangover than a good plate of these bellas. Also, those of you non-believers, let me stifle you gags with a question... Have you ever re-heated some pizza in order to break your fast? I.rest.my.case.
My apologies for not posting this weekend (on the standard american pancake day) but things got a bit more hectic than i would have liked toward the evening. The kitchen was being overtaken by parent 'chicken cookery' so the cooking of things was much easier said than done. Why you ask? Well... thats the secret to these pancakes. You see, there was one thing i was not going to give up on and that was the meatballs creating a 'hill effect' in the billow-y cake plain. The question is: "How do you heat the whole top when there are two kick stands holding up the cake? Then i remembered: baked ziti, mac and cheese, pizza and spaghetti pie. These dishes get the tops cooked because they're baked! So... the key is to prep the broiler while you are mixing (but not over-mixing) the batter and just throwing the cakes in the oven to crisp the top at the time you would normally flip them. Keep them there for no longer than two minutes and then take them out... the next one should be ready for you to pop in there. Now granted, there are a couple more movements involved... but the extra "aerobics" will make us all feel better since we care technically having comfort food from two different continents for dinner. However, these are not only vegan... but theyre not bad for you at all (whole wheat flour, brewers yeast and a bit of EVOO <--- thanks rach).
Not only was the kitchen occupied, but i found out last night that i had to go into work this morning which means jetting out for the radio station at 4 in the AM. The sun isn't even ready to greet me with his two scoops of rasins and im driving around the city of Miami. Thank goodness i LOVE where i get to go every morning.
Also, quick review.... i tried the newest Clif Bar at work today. Let me be the first to say that these will NEVER be given away... they are too packed full of awesome and pecan pralines and MAPLE SYRUP! This clif was totally a coincidence (maple syrup and all) but put me in an awesome mood and had be almost skipping around the station this morning. Im going to give this bar 9/10 bottles of syrup.
Well fellow cake-amore, I am off to get sexier at the gym for a bit (before the crowd shows up). As usual, shoot me a message if you would like to make these yourselves and stay tuned for more shennanigans (*pistol-whip <-- anyone who knows this reference is awesome!). Unitl next time this is PanClayke reminding you that this is the cake... such a beau-tiful cake.... and they call it Bella Notte.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cloudy... with a chance of Pancake!

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, there are indeed a couple of announcements. The first is that (oh man i feel awesome!) i am featured by my girl Jenny:Mistress of Peanut Butter. I think its fair to say that i will ALWAYS be a pancake man when it comes to breakfast food. But, oatmeal is still awesome on occasion and that morning something was speaking to me. Also, there is still one day left in the GIVEAWAY! Lastly, there has been a severe thorn in the side of this cake lover recently and i am happy to say that a plan is being concocted for a revenge that is sweeter than pumpkin!Stay tuned for the sweet pancake and the sweet revenge. And now....


Now, i'm the first to admit when something seems a little juvenille (even for me). This film started out as no exception, i remember reading the book and that memory alone was jogging some memories for me. Then, when I got to the theater I noticed there was a showing 30 minutes after the one I planned to see that was not only in the imax screen but also in 3-D!!!! I figured if the novelty of the third dimension could save a movie like 'The Final Destination", then it would do wonders for a movie that was already based on whimsy.
Boy... was i right! The 3D was AWESOME. There is something about a giant ball of meat flying at you in that neglected dimension that brings you back to sitting on the magic carpet reading your favorite book while trading a fruit roll-up to the paste eating kid because he is having graham crackers today (can you tell writing this review is making yours truly a bit hungry?)
Hunger aside, the plot is pretty solid and delivers a strong "If you can dream it you can do it" message. There are times where it even gets a little deep. Such moments include the endearing awkwardness of Flint Lockwood around his female love intrest, and continue on to a distant father struggling to give advice to his son... when it is clear the mother did all the talking in this department. However, this proposed a problem for the father (voiced by the wonderful James Caan) since, sadly, the maternal side of the partnership has moved on to the next life. Thus... the struggle of Father and son is surpassed only by the struggle of our hero (voiced by Bill Heder) to not let the fame of food-weather manipulation go t his head while struggling to 'meat' the towns requests. Bascially, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs may not be a "Homeward Bound Tear Jerker" btu does have its moments when you wish you could reach through the screen and help our hero overcome his life-decisions. All in all, Couldy with a chance of Meatballs gets 7/10 meatballs.
Not only is the plot of the movie endearing/entertaining... but the voiceovers are uh-maiz-ing! Picture this: Bill Heder, James Caan, Anna Farris (House Bunny, Scary Movie), Mr. T, Andy Sandberg (Hot Rod), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Bubba Ho-Tep) and Neil Patrick Harris as 'Steve: the Lab-Monkey!' In the words of gershwin... 'Who could ask for anything more'
Well friends, the tummy is rumbling which is my signal that it is time to prep a snack and sit down in front of some 'Rob and Big' (<-- guilty pleasure). Tune in tomorrow for the winner of the giveaway and a newly inspired pancake! Until then this is PanClayke reminding you; "If you can dream it... you can do it!"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pie, or cake?

Okay, so I have been following that show "Man vs. Food" prety carefully since it first came out. The fact that this normal guy who has supposedly held 'every job in the kitchen' is getting paid to travel to these awesome places throughout the U.S. eating all this wonderful food and getting new T-Shirts along the way makes me both laugh and cringe at the same time. Laugh because.... well, a man going into a self induced food coma is funny. And cringe because I would be kicking those challenges in the face while being just as entertaining (if not more... i do sing as well you know). I think its safe to say the Adam Richman is my definition of an 'American Hero', someone who uses a niche (no matter how obscure) and uses it to educate as well as entertain...... sacrificing his body one dish at a time.
This led me to think, how could this humble cake-head solidify his status of heroism in such a way. Well, i like food.... i love Florida....and (though it may not look it) i can put away a whole lotta foodening. The answer? Pick up a fork and be your own hero!
This motivated me to jump on the interwebs and search out the challenges of Florida that i was yet to be familiar with. Two have popped up that are pretty local: one being seemingly daunting and the other being perrrrrrrfect for our purposed on this day.
Daunting- "Pizza Rustica"= a 24'' x 16'' pizza (that can be made vegan!) which takes four people to complete! I have already enlisted assistance from the pizza lovers/food movers in my circle and they are so down.
Perrrrrfect-"Shelby's Diner"= a 24'' pancake known as the 'terminator' covered with eggs, homefries, toast and bacon. A giant pancake! I would have to be insane not to do this.... but it is a solo challenge. Could one do it on their own? Also, this dish cannot be vegan friendly, which leads me to some serious decisions about the choice to make the switch (more to come on that later) However, if i need to... im going to whip out a giant sheet pan and make my own pancake "Uncle Buck" style.... cause im totally jonesing for a giant pancake right about now (I should snack before work tomorrow).
Well, the question then is: 'Cake or Pie', sweet or savory.... the eternal struggle. I pose this question to you and await the answer.
(*note; the picture at the top of the post is a 24'' pizza pie. Just to be used as a comparison. Compare it to something like........... a human baby. Scary, no?)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pei-Wei's Playhouse!!!

Mekkah-lekah-hai Mekka-heiny-heiny-hoooo!
Those of you familiar with a vegan diet (no animal products) know how hard it is to eat out with friends. For those of you that dont... peruse the grocer and think of what does NOT have eggs of milk in it. Even products such as these contain eggs and milk = grocery store fail! However... there are some restaurants, even in the ocean of corporate chains, that provide a shining light in a sea of omnivores.... Can you smell it? Yep. Its time for a

(*Fanfare*)Restaurant Review!!!(*Fanfare*)
After a romp around the world of Ikea the yours truly and a bestie (aka 'Evie) decided to pass the Panera, Cruise past Chipotle and jump past Jamba Juice. Instead... we made a Pilgramage to Pei Wei!
Noodles and Tofu and Brown Rice, oh my! Im telling you, i have not been to a Pei Wei in a number of years... and it was like seeing an old friend at a High School reunion. If that friend was covered in a 'swicy' (sweet/spicy) sauce. But, you ave to remember, before the race you have to do a quick stretch.

<--- Winner, Winner, Steamed Edamame! The salt was not used however as it was, or lack of a better word, TOO salty. I mean, this stuff is like the sea salt you find at Gordon Ramsay restaurants... and we got it at Pei Wei! Also, these portions are HOOOOOGE! There were two of us going after this appiteizer and we couldn't finish it to save our lives. So, imagine the shock and awe that occured when it was time for the Main Event! Spicy Korean Tofu and Vegtetables, with brown rice on back-up vocals! And the crowd goes wild! Whats sad is, aside from like half the rice, i PLOWED through this plate of vegan-friendly love that is about the size of 2 of my heads. I didn't think that was a big deal till i was remembering that scene in Jerry Maguire where Tom was telling that nerdy kid in the backseat how the human head weighs eight pounds... and i had TWO! I thought there was no way he could know for sure... then i remembered he was some sort of a scientist and i shut my mouth.

Couple all this fun with a wide assortment of drinks of tap (FREE REFILS, WHAT!!??!) and a waitstaff thats attentive to the point of annoyance (i don't like being 'sideled') and Pei Wei Asian Diner scored an easy 8/10 chopsticks.

"Where is your favorite 'go to' place to eat when you can't think of anything else?"

Well, the sheets are calling as i must be up before the sun. Tune in next time for the revelation and application of the next secret ingredient and more immature ramblings! Until next time this is PanClayke reminding you to eat with a new utensil once in a while.


Stuff. We. All. Get! I have literally decorated my entire condo with all my SWAAAAAG! (The Office Reference!).
So, if you notice the Last Post you will notice there was a lot of retail therepy yesterday. Totally needed, trust me. I don't know what it is but i have a problem with buying something just for me, like im not entitled to something nice once in a while. I think it spawns from a past experience of invesing my entire alowance on poorly produced animated movies (Rock-A-Doodle not withstanding) and/or Beast Wars action figures. It took a couple mishaps to realize I didnt know my own strength as a kid..... many a figure suffered as a result of finding this out. Anyhoo, yesterday was an exception like whoa! It involved three different retailers, two trips back to the car, and a few things that I did not know existed. That being said... lets review some of the new finds!

First off we got a little thing called 'Nutritional Yeast', apparently all the rage when it comes to being a vegan. It tastes kind of like flakey cheese and has the texture of some fish food. Your going out to get some right now aren't you? Well, what it misses in looks if gains in nutrition. There's an abundance of chromium and selinium to regulate the blood sugar and it has a hooge complex of B-Vitamins which are hard to find in a vegan diet since these vitamins are the ones found as a result of bacteria in meat sources. I take a supplement for this already... but its nice to have something else that tastes like cheese around the house. Have so far sprinkled it on soup, toast and stir fry's an an extremely pleased with it. Couple that with the nutrition powerhouse its packin... and its definitely a good buy. Its also kind of cheap since you get it from the bulk bins.


Need to make this quick... i gotta meet the new boss by 8am. Honestly, is there anything better than finding out one of your favorite shows came out on DVD and you didnt know about it? Its such a wonderful surprise as I have seen every season of Scrubs thus far and am SOOO ready to keep the trend going. Actually, picking this up reminded me of the first time I ever even saw the show. Thanksgiving day, sophmore year of college, half a pumpkin pie all to myself and a feeling of explosion was immanent. I was definitely no superman that day.

Then... it was decided that enough fun had happened and it was time to head to Publix and get the bare neccessities................ or so i thought.

First off, anything with a monkey on it immediately catches my attention. Couple that with a love for rasins and a Peter Pan syndrome and Presto! Peanut Butter and Co answered my prayers yet again. Not only are there son EFA's running through the nut butter, but cinnamon helps the digestion a whole bunch and rasins make me want to throw on some tap shoes and do and antioxi-dance! Taste-wise... it definitely aimed to please. Especially when paired in a sengwich with apple sauce instead of jelly. Apple butter might also work well... but there was none on hand so we had to make due. All in all, in giving this guy to, very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Now for the list. Apples? Check. Salad stuff? Yepper. And how bout... WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

Those of you from the carribean will recognize the 'Bonatio'. To put it bluntly, its like a less sweet, sweet potato. Its got a whole bunch of vitamin C not to mention a good deal of fiber. You cook it and eat it like you would a potato... so im thinking it might make the appearance as some home fries tomorrow morning. Either that or some carribean latkes... but I havent thought that far ahead at the moment. Have yet to taste it but i will be honest in assuming its got some big shoes to fill. Will update later... while listening to Kevin Rudolff (ANOTHER AWESOME PURCHASE!)

Well kiddies, Happy Swagging and wonderous cake making to all.... and to all a good night (or a good morning as the case may be. Note=re-form sleep schedule soon in order to resume the world of the living. Tune in next time for more misadventures and cake making.... plus, a new ingredient (i am soooo iron chef right now).

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Happy Pancake Day (aka sunday)! It seems as though the entire blogsphere has been taking this wonderful 24 hours to do nothing other than making themselves happy... and I'm te first to admit I thought that was a pretty good idea. Soooooooo, after a wonderful message at curch this morning preceded by a quick praise in the car since that cop who saw me speeding on the way there (stoopid office season 5 on DVD keeping me up all night!). Im as nostalgic as the next guy but i think its time to bite the bullet and get a new alarm clock as 'Ricky-tiki-tavi' has been lacking in the dependablility dept recently.

(*Note, problems with alarm clocks are never the result of human error!*)
Anyway... after the Good Word there was the discovery of the best whole in the wall pizza place in the world. Now, i can only judge based on the asthetics of the place (a re-modeled 3-bedroom house!) since the fundage was not in my favor to blow $18 on a pizza... but this is the first place ive found with some Vegan Pizza Goodness! Plan on a critique of this wonderful find later on in the week as I have totally planned to go back! However, today the visit was about the wonderful conversation that was shared... sweeter than pinesapple and more meaty than canadian bacon. MAN! Loves me some 'Big Hawaiian'!
Post pizza led to a romp in my two favorite places... Best Buy and Whole Foods!!!! Will do a complete post of all the wonderous SWAG later on... but some higlights were vegan cream cheese, something called brewers yeast, and Kevin Rudolff. This was follow by a less miraculous trip to Pubix to replenish the produce stash (Yes... i know i am missing out on the better produce by not getting it organic/local at the WF.... but, again, the fundage is not in my favor). Then, while walking away from the produce i noticed the Halloween oreos!!! Remember the ones that have the orange frosting since orange is scary? Well, theyre baaaaack! But, they are not vegan which made me a little sad, then i realized that I have made chocolate pancakes.... whats to stop me from making orange?
(*fanfare) NOTHING! THATS WHAT (*fanfare)

Now, while i did not have the dough for the 'good' pears this week, there was an extra 98cents in the budget for a packet of butterscotch pudding mix. The only thing is (as indicated on the box) the puding will not set up with soy milk. I was worried but then realized that if i just added a LOT less milk to the whole packet then there was a chance...

Imagine how epic it felt when my butterscotch started to get pudding-y and wonderful?!? You may notice a bite taken out of the pudding bowl..... lets just say there was a lot of gum chewed/urging for the panakes to be ready to flip.
(will power + clay = non existent)

Once the prayers of the pancake kicked in it was all a matter of stackage and snackage.

Now, if you will excuse me... there is something more pressing that requires my attention. Tune in tomorrow for a wonderful SWAG post and a review of a few wonderful things. Until next time, this is PanClayke reminding you to 'let it rock!'

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

500 days of GIVEAWAY!!!

There was a lack of pancake happening this morning. Am i insane? No, but i am out of baking powder and there is NO way im gonna not have the lightness that the powder brings. So far the shopping list is

  • Baking Powder
  • vital wheat gluten
  • 'naners
  • Teddy Grahms (screw you for judging me!)

I was also thinking i was falling into a rut of oats and 'cakes and want to make sure that i dont get too much of a good thing. Add this to the nostalgia i was feeling after looking through some old facebook pics from Austin... and the only option was some 'Migas and homefries'. These were good enough to be wolfed down like there was someone keeping time. Winner, winner, migas dinner! Or breakfast... whatevs.

Anyway... the lack of sugar this morning got me craving something sweet and nothing could be sweeter than my future wife Zooey Deschanel. How could you not love her?! I mean, not only is she amazing on screen but she has eyes that gaze into the soul AND she sings Billie Holiday. Also gotta give some love to my boy Joseph-Gordon! I actually debated for a good hour the other day whether or not to buy 'Treasure Planet' on DVD the other day after seeing the movie on the Disney Channel. I choose to save the money i WOULD have spent and spend it at the big people movie theater.

Let me tell you... better late than never! There is a reason why this movie is still running so long after the original release. I mean, you have to love it when a movie sums up the next two hours of your life within the first 10 minutes. To quote the narrator: "It's the story of 'boy meets girl' but it isn't a love story". Take what you will from this and make your own assumptions. rest assured that there is awesome dialogue, killer soundtrack and a Dance Number. Not to mention a fantastic chemistry between the two lead roles and plotline that shows the different extremes of love as we see Joseph Gordon Levitt toggle between day one and five hundred with no concieveable pattern. Bottom line, i give it a 500/500 - definitely worth the eight dollars (Highway robbery I tell you!)

Okay... all Zooey's aside, im sure you all are wondering what the giveaway is all about. Well, let me answer your question with another question:

"How much do you love brownies?"

So, this one is mine but im talking 6 of these bad boys coming your way for freeee!!!!! How could I be so lucky you ask? Well, its as easy as one-two-three

  1. Mention the giveaway on your facebook, blog, etc
  2. Leave a comment with a link to where you mentioned it
  3. Go see five hundred days of summer (this way you get to see an awesome film regardless!)

The winner will be announced a week from sunday (pancake day!) 9/27/2009. Wish you all the best of luck and look forward to read your comments. Until next time this is Panclayke reminding you that there may be 500 days of Summer, but everyday is Pancake Day!

Why Pancakes??? (part deux)

Many of you will remember the 'self-conversation' from a few days ago. The clifs notes version is an inner monologue which vindicates my decision to reside in the kingdom of Neverland for the rest of my life. Which is good, since i always wanted to live on a ranch anyway.
I keed, I keed. Seriously, i like a natural immiturity. I mean, i dont think i could imagine living in a world without Ren and Stimpy or Salute your Shorts. I also dont think its a coincidence that some of the highest earning films of late have been Superhero moviesand Theme park attractions . I think its because, as children, we dont have a sense of 'needing' to do something. There are no deadlines, papers, TPS Reports, bills, jobs, etc. As children we do things out of instinct and, therefore, only do what were passionate about. Ergo... when we see something that rekindles memories of childhood in an adult fashion, we remeber that sense of passion and get the URGE to get out there and do it.
Which leads to the meat of the post... the cream in the oreo, if you will. Passion. Right now is when a lot of cake-lovers (self included) are searching through the wastes of the world trying to find what they are supposed to do with their lives. Im sure it comes from there being so many options out there in the world but thats another story (and another pancake). We search and search hoping that the 'hail mary' pass will land in the end zone. When it would seem we should be asking ourselves what our passions are. Then do THAT.
After extensive thought and 2 liters of mountain dew, I determined that I am no closer to finding out what said passion is that i was ten minutes ago. However, i then asked myself the same question in another way.... "What would you gladly pay someone to let you do?". (get your mind out of the gutter. Okay, one gutter thought-------- STOP!)
There were few things that popped up after this thought... things that ive pondered upon in the last few months and others that have permeated my life like vanilla extract in a pancake batter.
  • Culinary School
  • Guitar/german/voice lessons
  • DVD's (like whoa)
  • Membership to a gym
  • An agent
  • Community Theater (dont normally pay for this, but the lack of pay in present economy carries the same principle IMO)
  • Working with children (same reason as community theater)
  • A Good night out with friends

What does this tell me? At first glance I couldn't make heads nor tails, so I started to push a couple down the list. Culinary school and german lessons were the first to go, since I know how to cook already and have enough German books around to practice vocabulary when I need to. DVD's went down too and are not categorized in the 'special treat' category, the gym membership still stands and agent got coupled with community theater. Needless to say, this process went on for quite some time. Upon completion I realized that I would GLADLY pay to do something a little more 'widespread'... and that was make people smile.

Sounds whimsical, no? How could one make money doing this you may be asking, but i ust couldnt stop thinking about the face someone gives when you plop a big stack of flapjacks in front of them, or the look when you make someone laugh while performing on stage. Even when you can serenade someone who's dealt with screaming bosses and children all week... and even shouting in German for more ale when chatting with strangers at a bar. I dont know EXACTLY how im going to make a living on this aspirition but ill let you know when i get there.

So... that being said. Why Pancakes? Because i always smile at least once on pancake day no matter what... and love think that other people may be inspired to make a nice treat once in a while... and thus, smile.

*Mission Accomplished*

-What would you PAY someone to do? I say do that no matter what!

Tune in next time for a new creation inspired by an ollllllld favorite. What could it be? Come back and find out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When you wish upon a Pancake...

So, on the way home from church today there was a little cricket i passed by on the way to my car. I didn't think much of it... until i noticed he was singing and wearing a monocle. Strange. Anyway, this got me thinking that it was high time that i expanded my fruit horizons and made a trip to whole foods to get something that i had no idea what it was.

Aside from a lack of name-creativity there is nothing bad about this guy. Think the flavor of a peach with the texture of an apple. Tasty? Yes. A wonderful novelty when added to the chocolate pancakes? Heck YES!

Had a lot left over as well... so put some slices in a bowl with a little bit of later and some sugar and microwave it for thirty seconds. Didnt use all of the slices since i didnt want to turn the whole thing radioactive (lol) but definitely used a few and they finished off the cakes marvelously! Marvelously enough to even make the sun and the moon come out and play in their honor.

and your dreams........ cooooooooommmmmmeeeee, tttrrrrrrrruuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee!

Apologies for the quick post fellow cake lovers, but there is a call at 4 tomorrow to bring radio to the masses and the only stars i want to see until then are the ones that i pass on the way to the station. So, until next time this is PanClayke reminding you that there when it comes to pancake ingredients... 'youuuuuuuuuu got no strings, to hold you down!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Destination: Mexico!

You know how people always say that:'Death comes in threes?' Apparently, they were talking dimensions rather than people.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaat's right... its time for a MOVIE REVIEW!!! Now, those of you who follow the Final Destination movies knew what was in store when the first previews were shown. Typical story... boy has vision and indvertantly saves some people, death gets pissed, survivors die in the order they were supposed to and just when you think everything is happy...... someone gets hit by a bus.

Now, dont get me wrong. Yous truly loves a good explosion movie as much as the next guy. However, where the road to our first final desination was paved with the wonder that is Ali Larter and Devon 'to sexy' Sawa... the most recent boy in the band is packed to the brim with no names that, sadly, do not leave you wanting more. The writing is another story, if there was ONE thing i did want when i was leaving the theater it was for some more body in the script. I mean, im a (vegan) meat and potatoes man as much as the next guy but this movie proved to be ALL potatoes... pre-made at best. However, the light at the end of the tunnel on this one was that the potatoes were in 3-D! Explosions, debris, and BLOOD like there was no tomorrow... in 3-D! It almost made me want to go outside and ust soak up all the wonder that is this third dimension that I have been taking for granted this entire time. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME!?!?

All in all, in spite of the 3-D novelty, occaisional nudity and the nostalgia of how awesome Devon was... The Final Destination receives a bottle of syrup 2/10 full.

Aside from the regret that i will never get my $10 (riiiiiiip!) back, the saturday was not a total loss. No, sadly the new pancake has yet to be unveiled... but, there was an awesome new breakfast creation worth mentioning.

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you: Chip-Oatmeal! A savory oat creation that had the taste of a taco and the texture of a risotto. Yes, only a meal as wonderful as breakfast can take you to Mexico and Italy simultaneously. Now, I have never tried a savory bowl of Oats myself, but it was recently broght to my attention that i ALWAYS have a spicy stir fry with brown rice, whats the difference between that and oatmeal? Ill tell you.... nothing!!!!!

"You Put WHAT In There?"

We got the oatmeal, thats a given. Couple that with a diced chipotle pepper, some balck beans, a dallop or two of salsa add some diced avocado at the end and you have the recipe for a breakfast that takes you south of the border while singing 'Bella Notte'! I highly siggest everyone break the oat wall sometime this week and add some spice to that Guy on the Oatmeal Box. (p.s., i Cap'n Crunch just an animated version of that guy? They look pretty similar if i do say so myself).

Well, true believers, it is late and i have some fine Fringe dvd's to watch before the sheets happen. So, until next time, this is PanClayke reiding you that there is a reason why 'Best movie in 3D' is not an oscar category.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fresh-Pan Cake-teen

Dood, seriously... i JUST thought of that title. It may not seem like a big deal now... but wait, its all happening riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight -GO!
OK, so first things first.... the award for the first guinea pig is going to an old favorite, i'll give you a hint: "Silly Rabbit _____ are for kids."

Good Job: "Petophilios!" (awkward) No, the real ansnwer is Trix, for two reasons. The first one being pity. The fact that the rabbit can't have some cereal is a picture of all the injustice in the world. It's pure discrimination and that is WRONG! The second is that I was thinking of a theme for the first expriment and was remembering the first year of college where ALL i had in my mock pantry (bookshelf) were trix cereal and diet mountain dew(<-- im healthy!).

Thus, we had the addition prepped and ready. P.S., why did nobody tell me that the Trix cereal stopped making the cereal in the fruit shapes and started making little, fruit-ish tasting balls? Sure, they were swirly, but have the fun was pretending you were going through the farmers market picking the ripe fruit. Well, i guess fruit is for adults and balls are for kids (awkward squared).

Then we had to make the batter nice and liquid-y, so i whipped out the other half of the freshman essentials and threw it on in there. And... O-M-G, i found the missing factor to the airy pancake that everyone looks for. The carbonation coming from the soda maintained in the pancake just enough to make it airy and wonderful... not to mention gave it a hint of citrus which was pretty refreshing early in the morning. *Note: prepare for more recipes involving some form of soda and/or energy drink?
Anyway, once you incorporate the mix (not to much) oil up the griddle and plop some love down... panclayke style! Then drop some Trix along the top like snow falling on the cedars and wait for the bubbles to come to the top to play. Then its time to flip for a couple minutes, repeat process and

Paired with a delicios iced coffee and you have th recipe for a wonderful breakfast and a nostalgic morning. Also, there was a little surprise on the 'flip side' when i noticed the sugar in the cereal had burned a little on the top and carmelized nicely.. kind of like making a s'more out of peeps.
Whoa... peeps? Talk about taking a trip back in time! Looks like its time to hop into my DeLorean and gun it to 88. So, until next time: This is PanClayke reminding you to draw inspiration from anywhere and prepare for a surprise on the flip side.
Also.............. don't discriminate, 'specially something as cute as a bunny.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Revelation of Experimentation

So, today at the grocery store i noticed a whole bunch of fun things in the cereal section... but looking at them i dont see breakfast at all. From cookies to cinnamon toast, to ship captains and vampires. Who can decide? Not only that, but you know the entire food world is screaming how bad kids cereals are for you. Just..... there are some days where you feel like a kid and who do you think Trix are for? I like to think of cereals like these as a nice little dessert to be enjoyed once in a while anyway... I also wanted to add some cereal into a pancake concoction soon! This brings me back to the point that if the number of cereal choices were people, the aisle would be China! But i forgot about the Fun Pack...
  • Golden Grahams
  • Frosted Cheerios
  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Lucky Charms
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Trix
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • and Cherrios (straight up)

Can you not see the fun?!?! Then, after reading the ingedients, i realize General Mills adds b12 into their cereals. While im not a fan of additives and things of that sort, it is hard for vegans to get adequate B12 in their diets so these will be nice (as far as a desert goes). Also, compared to ice creams, cupcakes and other typical dessert foods, the sugar content of these guys is low. Not to mention there are times where you need to feel like a kid again... which is good for mental health (something that often gets neglected in the current health scare).

So, coming up next....... the experiement of which cereal tastes best in the world of pancake. Who will win, who will be sub-par and who will flat out lose? In the words of Tobias Funke...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Pancakes?

So, today at the station i divulged the wonderment that is Panclayke. Now, dont ask me why, but in my minds eye i saw everyone at work hoisting me up on their shoulders and singing 'Flap-jack do it again' while carrying me out of the building Officer and a Gentleman style.

Instead, i got a look like this. A look that was serenaded by the question: "Why a pancake Blog?" I stumbled to answer but I honestly couldn't think of a hard and fast answer. I had built my shortstack on a paper towel rather than fine china.

So (keep this on the DL) during the show I had my journal out and was writing down 'Why Pancakes?' over and over and over again. Until I FINALLY came up with the answer! It went like this.....

  • Why pancakes?
  • Well, they taste awesome and are really comforting and reminiscent of childhood. And i remember always craving them at a certain point.
  • Yeah, but why.
  • Well, its kind of like when you want ice cream. You love it, but dont have it everyday cause its kind of an indulgence.
  • So you want to write a blog about hedanism and gluttony? Youtube already exists.
  • NO NO NO, once i learned how to cook i started making them healthier. Wheat flour, nonfat milk and egg white (before i became vegan) and sugar free syrup.
  • Didn't you make one with spinach as well?
  • You know what, i did!
  • So this is kind of like you finding the silver lining. The healthier way to have your faves for breakfast and not feel like a three year old constantly eating the "Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity".
  • YEAH! THATS IT!!!!!!! (begins to write down so I don't forget)
  • Okay, so now we can feel good about having pancakes every morning.
  • WHOA! Who said that? There are other things about my life than pancakes. Besides... i dont want to get sick of them, that would KILL the blog.
  • So..... what....... then?
  • Well, i may want to go see a movie, watch Top Chef, read in a starbucks, play some playstation, go to the beach...
  • So your going to waste your time everyday.
  • NOT EVEN. All the things i like to do have some intrinsic value. Like movies... ever see the movie 'Hackers?' I bet i know more about how to bypass firewalls than you do. I also wager that I will be more likely to educate you about showbiz hierarchy since iv'e seen 'Showgirls' so many times.
  • So, theres a silver lining in the insipid activities you have begun doing?
  • Well, yes and no. A lot of these iv'e just done since i was a kid.


Bingo! Yahtzee! Our survey says... Meaning behind the Immaturity (patented, BACK OFF). Healthy pancakes, educational toys, movie reviews random bike riding. Basically, think George Costanza pitching the idea of a 'Show About Nothing' and thats the idea. The only thing is, were going to find the creme in the twinkie (the best part).

So, there we have it. A new direction and an answer to the question. However, no worries about the cakes... they are ALWAYS going to be the star of the show. So, until next time, this is Panclayke telling you to always find the silver lining and go with it. (then get a twinkie)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Rabbit, the Pear and the SCARE!

OK... so all this went down in the span of like four hours, and that includes right now (so this stuff is REALLY fresh). First things first..

  1. The Rabbit: HAPPY RABBIT RABBIT DAY!! What? Does anyone else not remember when Nickelodeon ,*cough (was good) cough cough* , used to have a theme devoted to everyday? One day would be potato chip day and the next would be walk on your hands day or something? Well, the first of every month was Rabbit Rabbit day and your supposed to ensure good luck for the month by saying Rabbit Rabbit before ANYTHING else that morning. I have never done it.... until today! Apparently waking up at four AM to go set up for the most awesomest radio show in south florida has its advantages. Here's to a lucky September!
  2. The Pear:


Those avid cake-ers that remember the Dragonfruit post will recall the bold red color that ensures an amazingly sweet flavor. The color is shared, but where the dragon was bland the prickle is grand! This fruit was sweet and similar to the flavor of a sweet kiwifruit. The only catch is that you have to peel it, chop it, mash it and strain it. This xtra effort is brought to you by course seeds which are random and hard to swallow, like a Paul Walker movie (FACED!).

Speaking of faced... it was happy to see me! And to answer your questions

  • the pan is working awesome
  • the Pear Puree was sweet and honestly should have been thickened and used as a syrup
  • and the color due to Dark Chocolate powder!

I figured since it was a latin american fruit i would try and pair it with something remnant of a mole, however... there was not enough sweetness in the puree to combat the cocoa. So... these ended up tasting more like the wafers in an Oreo cookie which are AWESOME!!! (note: totally remaking these and sandwiching in some tofu ice cream = ice cream oreo!) All in all, im giving these 4.5/5 syrup bottles (<-- new rating system!)

And yes... i ate one with my hands. This... is MEDIEVAL TIIIIIIIIIIIIIMES!!!

3. The Scare: Well, those of you that know me well know how frugal I am. Other than impulse buys i hardly ever buy anything myself, especially since im between jobs right now. So, stopping at the store for something frivolous almost never happens. However, something got me wanting to try a new fruit so i stopped at on the way home. Im expecting to find a nice spice, maybe even a new marmalade... but the fruit jumped at me. AND it was cheaper so im thinking 'double score'! The only thing is that this decision took a lot longer than i thought, and i was sleepy, so i grabbed a soda and started to sip... and sip... and *gasp*. GONE?! Is this okay? Will they be mad. Moreover, is it stealing if i dont pay for it... technically its still in the store right. Well... this look of trepidation must have been plainer than i thought cause all of a sudden a heavy-set jamacian woman came out like a thief in the night and started grilling me about whether i was paying for that soda or not.

My response: "No. But im not taking it with me either... where's the Bathroom?"

Having never said the most unfunny thing ever, i was shocked to see her face... but then cowered in fear and told her that nothing would make me happier to pay. Then i helped her restock a box of Trix that fell off the shelf (im a wuss).

So.. there you have it. Another wonderful pancake to get us all through the week, a bad day at work and the occasional wild rodent. As always, feel free to make suggestions for future creations and message for the recipes. Until next time this is Panclayke reminding you that not all heavy people are jolly.