Sunday, September 13, 2009

When you wish upon a Pancake...

So, on the way home from church today there was a little cricket i passed by on the way to my car. I didn't think much of it... until i noticed he was singing and wearing a monocle. Strange. Anyway, this got me thinking that it was high time that i expanded my fruit horizons and made a trip to whole foods to get something that i had no idea what it was.

Aside from a lack of name-creativity there is nothing bad about this guy. Think the flavor of a peach with the texture of an apple. Tasty? Yes. A wonderful novelty when added to the chocolate pancakes? Heck YES!

Had a lot left over as well... so put some slices in a bowl with a little bit of later and some sugar and microwave it for thirty seconds. Didnt use all of the slices since i didnt want to turn the whole thing radioactive (lol) but definitely used a few and they finished off the cakes marvelously! Marvelously enough to even make the sun and the moon come out and play in their honor.

and your dreams........ cooooooooommmmmmeeeee, tttrrrrrrrruuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee!

Apologies for the quick post fellow cake lovers, but there is a call at 4 tomorrow to bring radio to the masses and the only stars i want to see until then are the ones that i pass on the way to the station. So, until next time this is PanClayke reminding you that there when it comes to pancake ingredients... 'youuuuuuuuuu got no strings, to hold you down!"


  1. i think i am in love, that is the cutest thing ever and lots just delish i am on the look out as of now, i love all fruit except tomato but really its hardly a fruit

  2. Clay, I love your posts. The pancake with the starfruit in the middle looks gorgeous too! I'm not really a big fan of starfruit because I don't think it tastes so much, but that is totally worth it even for just the presentation.

  3. Brilliant post :) Those have to be the most aesthetically pleasing pancakes I've ever seen. I was never a fan of star-fruit, but your Disney-inspired tribute may have changed my mind!