Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pei-Wei's Playhouse!!!

Mekkah-lekah-hai Mekka-heiny-heiny-hoooo!
Those of you familiar with a vegan diet (no animal products) know how hard it is to eat out with friends. For those of you that dont... peruse the grocer and think of what does NOT have eggs of milk in it. Even products such as these contain eggs and milk = grocery store fail! However... there are some restaurants, even in the ocean of corporate chains, that provide a shining light in a sea of omnivores.... Can you smell it? Yep. Its time for a

(*Fanfare*)Restaurant Review!!!(*Fanfare*)
After a romp around the world of Ikea the yours truly and a bestie (aka 'Evie) decided to pass the Panera, Cruise past Chipotle and jump past Jamba Juice. Instead... we made a Pilgramage to Pei Wei!
Noodles and Tofu and Brown Rice, oh my! Im telling you, i have not been to a Pei Wei in a number of years... and it was like seeing an old friend at a High School reunion. If that friend was covered in a 'swicy' (sweet/spicy) sauce. But, you ave to remember, before the race you have to do a quick stretch.

<--- Winner, Winner, Steamed Edamame! The salt was not used however as it was, or lack of a better word, TOO salty. I mean, this stuff is like the sea salt you find at Gordon Ramsay restaurants... and we got it at Pei Wei! Also, these portions are HOOOOOGE! There were two of us going after this appiteizer and we couldn't finish it to save our lives. So, imagine the shock and awe that occured when it was time for the Main Event! Spicy Korean Tofu and Vegtetables, with brown rice on back-up vocals! And the crowd goes wild! Whats sad is, aside from like half the rice, i PLOWED through this plate of vegan-friendly love that is about the size of 2 of my heads. I didn't think that was a big deal till i was remembering that scene in Jerry Maguire where Tom was telling that nerdy kid in the backseat how the human head weighs eight pounds... and i had TWO! I thought there was no way he could know for sure... then i remembered he was some sort of a scientist and i shut my mouth.

Couple all this fun with a wide assortment of drinks of tap (FREE REFILS, WHAT!!??!) and a waitstaff thats attentive to the point of annoyance (i don't like being 'sideled') and Pei Wei Asian Diner scored an easy 8/10 chopsticks.

"Where is your favorite 'go to' place to eat when you can't think of anything else?"

Well, the sheets are calling as i must be up before the sun. Tune in next time for the revelation and application of the next secret ingredient and more immature ramblings! Until next time this is PanClayke reminding you to eat with a new utensil once in a while.


  1. haha I love your face in that picture, you are a cutie pie! (or would it be a pancake?)
    I love Pei wei!! Any plate can be made healthy and vegan and it's soo good! I make my parents take me there all the time and in fact, last time I also got the Korean tofu and veg plate, PLUS introduced my mom to edamame. So spicy but so good!

  2. I <3 Pei Wei, although the Korean is my least favorite. I love the Thai Blazing Noodles or...well there is another one I love, I don't remember what its called.

    One of my fav places though, definitely!

  3. never been to Pei Wei...but love Pee-Wee's Playhouse!!!