Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Pancakes?

So, today at the station i divulged the wonderment that is Panclayke. Now, dont ask me why, but in my minds eye i saw everyone at work hoisting me up on their shoulders and singing 'Flap-jack do it again' while carrying me out of the building Officer and a Gentleman style.

Instead, i got a look like this. A look that was serenaded by the question: "Why a pancake Blog?" I stumbled to answer but I honestly couldn't think of a hard and fast answer. I had built my shortstack on a paper towel rather than fine china.

So (keep this on the DL) during the show I had my journal out and was writing down 'Why Pancakes?' over and over and over again. Until I FINALLY came up with the answer! It went like this.....

  • Why pancakes?
  • Well, they taste awesome and are really comforting and reminiscent of childhood. And i remember always craving them at a certain point.
  • Yeah, but why.
  • Well, its kind of like when you want ice cream. You love it, but dont have it everyday cause its kind of an indulgence.
  • So you want to write a blog about hedanism and gluttony? Youtube already exists.
  • NO NO NO, once i learned how to cook i started making them healthier. Wheat flour, nonfat milk and egg white (before i became vegan) and sugar free syrup.
  • Didn't you make one with spinach as well?
  • You know what, i did!
  • So this is kind of like you finding the silver lining. The healthier way to have your faves for breakfast and not feel like a three year old constantly eating the "Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity".
  • YEAH! THATS IT!!!!!!! (begins to write down so I don't forget)
  • Okay, so now we can feel good about having pancakes every morning.
  • WHOA! Who said that? There are other things about my life than pancakes. Besides... i dont want to get sick of them, that would KILL the blog.
  • So..... what....... then?
  • Well, i may want to go see a movie, watch Top Chef, read in a starbucks, play some playstation, go to the beach...
  • So your going to waste your time everyday.
  • NOT EVEN. All the things i like to do have some intrinsic value. Like movies... ever see the movie 'Hackers?' I bet i know more about how to bypass firewalls than you do. I also wager that I will be more likely to educate you about showbiz hierarchy since iv'e seen 'Showgirls' so many times.
  • So, theres a silver lining in the insipid activities you have begun doing?
  • Well, yes and no. A lot of these iv'e just done since i was a kid.


Bingo! Yahtzee! Our survey says... Meaning behind the Immaturity (patented, BACK OFF). Healthy pancakes, educational toys, movie reviews random bike riding. Basically, think George Costanza pitching the idea of a 'Show About Nothing' and thats the idea. The only thing is, were going to find the creme in the twinkie (the best part).

So, there we have it. A new direction and an answer to the question. However, no worries about the cakes... they are ALWAYS going to be the star of the show. So, until next time, this is Panclayke telling you to always find the silver lining and go with it. (then get a twinkie)

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  1. Just so you're on the lookout, you will be receiving one of these healthy indulgences from me very very soon! ( I did not intend for that to sound ...the way it did, but you know what I mean hehe)
    Don't worry about the silly people at the station, they just haven't experienced the right kind of pancakes yet. Maybe you could bring in a pancake breakfast one morning, then they would all be converts!