Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pie, or cake?

Okay, so I have been following that show "Man vs. Food" prety carefully since it first came out. The fact that this normal guy who has supposedly held 'every job in the kitchen' is getting paid to travel to these awesome places throughout the U.S. eating all this wonderful food and getting new T-Shirts along the way makes me both laugh and cringe at the same time. Laugh because.... well, a man going into a self induced food coma is funny. And cringe because I would be kicking those challenges in the face while being just as entertaining (if not more... i do sing as well you know). I think its safe to say the Adam Richman is my definition of an 'American Hero', someone who uses a niche (no matter how obscure) and uses it to educate as well as entertain...... sacrificing his body one dish at a time.
This led me to think, how could this humble cake-head solidify his status of heroism in such a way. Well, i like food.... i love Florida....and (though it may not look it) i can put away a whole lotta foodening. The answer? Pick up a fork and be your own hero!
This motivated me to jump on the interwebs and search out the challenges of Florida that i was yet to be familiar with. Two have popped up that are pretty local: one being seemingly daunting and the other being perrrrrrrfect for our purposed on this day.
Daunting- "Pizza Rustica"= a 24'' x 16'' pizza (that can be made vegan!) which takes four people to complete! I have already enlisted assistance from the pizza lovers/food movers in my circle and they are so down.
Perrrrrfect-"Shelby's Diner"= a 24'' pancake known as the 'terminator' covered with eggs, homefries, toast and bacon. A giant pancake! I would have to be insane not to do this.... but it is a solo challenge. Could one do it on their own? Also, this dish cannot be vegan friendly, which leads me to some serious decisions about the choice to make the switch (more to come on that later) However, if i need to... im going to whip out a giant sheet pan and make my own pancake "Uncle Buck" style.... cause im totally jonesing for a giant pancake right about now (I should snack before work tomorrow).
Well, the question then is: 'Cake or Pie', sweet or savory.... the eternal struggle. I pose this question to you and await the answer.
(*note; the picture at the top of the post is a 24'' pizza pie. Just to be used as a comparison. Compare it to something like........... a human baby. Scary, no?)


  1. Sweet! You should totally do the pancake contest and you should record it and post it on your blog!

  2. DO IT! Either one. :)

  3. Clay I LOVE THIS BLOG! You are such an entertaining blogger! Love it!

    I vote you go CAKE! It's a solo challenge & more along the lines of Man v Food.

    Good luck & let me know what you decide!

  4. Ugh, I'm automatically predisposed to vote for sweet over savory. CURSED!!! But who knows, you might get some quality nutrition from a vegan pizza pie covered with veggies :D

    Also, I've never put refried beans in oats.. I'm suu stereotypical and put them in tortillas ;) You could make a savory refried bean pancake sammie. what the jib?? Add some salsa, guac, sour cream, whatevs. Fiesta Pancake.