Sunday, September 20, 2009


Happy Pancake Day (aka sunday)! It seems as though the entire blogsphere has been taking this wonderful 24 hours to do nothing other than making themselves happy... and I'm te first to admit I thought that was a pretty good idea. Soooooooo, after a wonderful message at curch this morning preceded by a quick praise in the car since that cop who saw me speeding on the way there (stoopid office season 5 on DVD keeping me up all night!). Im as nostalgic as the next guy but i think its time to bite the bullet and get a new alarm clock as 'Ricky-tiki-tavi' has been lacking in the dependablility dept recently.

(*Note, problems with alarm clocks are never the result of human error!*)
Anyway... after the Good Word there was the discovery of the best whole in the wall pizza place in the world. Now, i can only judge based on the asthetics of the place (a re-modeled 3-bedroom house!) since the fundage was not in my favor to blow $18 on a pizza... but this is the first place ive found with some Vegan Pizza Goodness! Plan on a critique of this wonderful find later on in the week as I have totally planned to go back! However, today the visit was about the wonderful conversation that was shared... sweeter than pinesapple and more meaty than canadian bacon. MAN! Loves me some 'Big Hawaiian'!
Post pizza led to a romp in my two favorite places... Best Buy and Whole Foods!!!! Will do a complete post of all the wonderous SWAG later on... but some higlights were vegan cream cheese, something called brewers yeast, and Kevin Rudolff. This was follow by a less miraculous trip to Pubix to replenish the produce stash (Yes... i know i am missing out on the better produce by not getting it organic/local at the WF.... but, again, the fundage is not in my favor). Then, while walking away from the produce i noticed the Halloween oreos!!! Remember the ones that have the orange frosting since orange is scary? Well, theyre baaaaack! But, they are not vegan which made me a little sad, then i realized that I have made chocolate pancakes.... whats to stop me from making orange?
(*fanfare) NOTHING! THATS WHAT (*fanfare)

Now, while i did not have the dough for the 'good' pears this week, there was an extra 98cents in the budget for a packet of butterscotch pudding mix. The only thing is (as indicated on the box) the puding will not set up with soy milk. I was worried but then realized that if i just added a LOT less milk to the whole packet then there was a chance...

Imagine how epic it felt when my butterscotch started to get pudding-y and wonderful?!? You may notice a bite taken out of the pudding bowl..... lets just say there was a lot of gum chewed/urging for the panakes to be ready to flip.
(will power + clay = non existent)

Once the prayers of the pancake kicked in it was all a matter of stackage and snackage.

Now, if you will excuse me... there is something more pressing that requires my attention. Tune in tomorrow for a wonderful SWAG post and a review of a few wonderful things. Until next time, this is PanClayke reminding you to 'let it rock!'

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  1. Life is what you make it so lets make it it just me or is that from Hannah Montana.

    well anyways lovely pancakage today