Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Stuff. We. All. Get! I have literally decorated my entire condo with all my SWAAAAAG! (The Office Reference!).
So, if you notice the Last Post you will notice there was a lot of retail therepy yesterday. Totally needed, trust me. I don't know what it is but i have a problem with buying something just for me, like im not entitled to something nice once in a while. I think it spawns from a past experience of invesing my entire alowance on poorly produced animated movies (Rock-A-Doodle not withstanding) and/or Beast Wars action figures. It took a couple mishaps to realize I didnt know my own strength as a kid..... many a figure suffered as a result of finding this out. Anyhoo, yesterday was an exception like whoa! It involved three different retailers, two trips back to the car, and a few things that I did not know existed. That being said... lets review some of the new finds!

First off we got a little thing called 'Nutritional Yeast', apparently all the rage when it comes to being a vegan. It tastes kind of like flakey cheese and has the texture of some fish food. Your going out to get some right now aren't you? Well, what it misses in looks if gains in nutrition. There's an abundance of chromium and selinium to regulate the blood sugar and it has a hooge complex of B-Vitamins which are hard to find in a vegan diet since these vitamins are the ones found as a result of bacteria in meat sources. I take a supplement for this already... but its nice to have something else that tastes like cheese around the house. Have so far sprinkled it on soup, toast and stir fry's an an extremely pleased with it. Couple that with the nutrition powerhouse its packin... and its definitely a good buy. Its also kind of cheap since you get it from the bulk bins.


Need to make this quick... i gotta meet the new boss by 8am. Honestly, is there anything better than finding out one of your favorite shows came out on DVD and you didnt know about it? Its such a wonderful surprise as I have seen every season of Scrubs thus far and am SOOO ready to keep the trend going. Actually, picking this up reminded me of the first time I ever even saw the show. Thanksgiving day, sophmore year of college, half a pumpkin pie all to myself and a feeling of explosion was immanent. I was definitely no superman that day.

Then... it was decided that enough fun had happened and it was time to head to Publix and get the bare neccessities................ or so i thought.

First off, anything with a monkey on it immediately catches my attention. Couple that with a love for rasins and a Peter Pan syndrome and Presto! Peanut Butter and Co answered my prayers yet again. Not only are there son EFA's running through the nut butter, but cinnamon helps the digestion a whole bunch and rasins make me want to throw on some tap shoes and do and antioxi-dance! Taste-wise... it definitely aimed to please. Especially when paired in a sengwich with apple sauce instead of jelly. Apple butter might also work well... but there was none on hand so we had to make due. All in all, in giving this guy to, very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Now for the list. Apples? Check. Salad stuff? Yepper. And how bout... WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

Those of you from the carribean will recognize the 'Bonatio'. To put it bluntly, its like a less sweet, sweet potato. Its got a whole bunch of vitamin C not to mention a good deal of fiber. You cook it and eat it like you would a potato... so im thinking it might make the appearance as some home fries tomorrow morning. Either that or some carribean latkes... but I havent thought that far ahead at the moment. Have yet to taste it but i will be honest in assuming its got some big shoes to fill. Will update later... while listening to Kevin Rudolff (ANOTHER AWESOME PURCHASE!)

Well kiddies, Happy Swagging and wonderous cake making to all.... and to all a good night (or a good morning as the case may be. Note=re-form sleep schedule soon in order to resume the world of the living. Tune in next time for more misadventures and cake making.... plus, a new ingredient (i am soooo iron chef right now).


  1. oo that's my favorite kind of sweet potato!
    And you MUST make some vegan mac and cheese with the nutritional yeast.

  2. love you blog! and all the pancakes are making em wanna go make day is getting old!

    Anything with a monkey catches my attention too :) :P

    and just bought nutritional yeast, like the other day.