Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blog Fail (not to be confused with Fail Blog)

Donde Esta Panclayke? <---- the question on the minds of young children everywhere. Seriously, i got asked that by a nice nino yesterday in the frozen food section and it was sad. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was because....


This is actually a lot more saddening than people would think. I have actually had this bottle of syrup since i lived in Austin. It's been in two different time zones! No wonder i felt smarter everytime I sopped up the sugar-wonder with the last cakey bite. Oh wait, thats not smart..... thats the rumbling in my stomach from eating syrup that im pretty sure was off (wasn't brave enough to check the label). So, the cakening has been put on hold for a bit until i can replenish my supply, not to say i have not been thinking about new combos that psyche the hellz out of me. A few hints, you ask? Well..... ok. (inhale) almondjoysupercitruskewlimechocolatepretzelpizzapizzanewmixescrepeoreochickenparmesan!

(exhale). Ok..... glad i got that one out in the open. Just wanted to let you know i didnt forget about you guys and am literally jotting own a new idea almost daily. If it wouldnt make me feel too glutonous i would have a pan-party every morning... then again, i dont want to get sick of them so im thinking twice a week is good for now. Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder.

So, just so i can leave a 'proper-ish' post for all you wonderfullz... its time for a product review!

Hodgson Mill Oat Bran:
Think of oatmeal with the texture of grits. Only this bad boy cooks SO MUCH QUICKER than oatmeal, like im talking two to three minutes overall. After than its just a matter of prepping the fruit, nuts and other crush-ins. Couple that with the health benefits of whole grains and enough fiber to help you drop it like its hot and you have a bonafide winner in the breakfast realm. Also a winner if your sick of chewing so early in the morning, i gotta have something soft as my jaw laggs in the morning. (i had crispy toast once and almost choked cause chewing was hard and i got impatient). Not only that but there is a recipe on the box to make some p-cakes!!! Im giving this guy a 8.5/10

And the inaugeral creation..... BBC (blueberry coffee) Oatbran! Im also thinking of calling this one the 'Antioxi-dance' but i didn't want to get too whimsical my first time playing with the new kid in town.

So, again, apologies for the pancake-hiatus... but hopefully you make your way out to try some Oatbran... or a new breakfast in general. Switching up the norm is a recipe for a real exciting day. Until next time, this is Panclayke telling you to make more coffee than you need the day before so you can use it to cook your oats in.

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  1. I like oatbran. I really like Hodgson Mill's Bulgar Wheat and Soy cereal though.

    Mmm, can't decide what to have for breakfast...