Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 dogs, 1 blogs

Welcome back fellow cake-eaters! Many a wonderful thing has been going down as of late... starting off with a new savory cake as promised. Now, coming from the success of hamburger pancakes i was thinking about another portable/fast food-ish item that reminds me of being a kid again. I thought french fries for a bit, but then realized i could kill those two birds with one stone. So... it took some pantry digging and a little extra prep but we now have the wonder of...

Starting off simply enough, we use a cornmeal/four mixture (you have to do it this way otherwise the cakes will be too mealy since corn has no gluten in it). Add a little garlic powder and sch-moked paprika into the mix and set that aside.

^You Put WHAT in There?^
Yeah, Tofu hot dogs. Im not sure how they make you more intelligent but i certainly felt more vegan... and consequently a but gassy. However, i dont think the name "Fart Dogs" went off well in the focus group so smart was chosen. A good change. Anyhoo... slice down a dog and brown it in a pan to make sure theyre cooked (remember that little extra prep i mentioned).

Then its time to get your fry on! Just make a pancake like you normally would a blueberry p-cake, use your imagination that the dog is a bloob. However, imagination goes out the window when taste comes into play... especially when paired with the old red and yellow (which, in this case mean go, go GO!) Does anyone else remember getting sickened by green and purple ketchup? Ew. But... bottom line... these pancakes were awesome and were right on the money with regard to tasting like a corn dog. All i can say is make sure you add more corn meal than flour so you still get that cornish texture that we all know and love, and remember to add onion AND garlic powder into the batter (or just some onions sauteed with the dogs).

Well folks... there you have it. Another day, another treat and another reason to possibly buy some pepto. Tune in next time for another wonderful creation (most likely sweet) and some gentle musings along the way.

Also... here at pan-clay-ke we want to hear from you, the readers. Are there any cakes you have joked about while intoxicated one night, or maybe a food you grew up on that would only add to this wonderful confort food? Feel free to leave your comments and/or shoot an email.

So, until next time, this is pan-clay-ke remding you that yellow and red can sometimes mean 'GO'.


    I have to try those, I haven't had a corn dog in so long! I have however made good use of those smart dogs. I was never really a hot dog fan pre-vegan anyways, but for some reason taking some vegan cheddar-y mac and cheese and slicing in some tofu dog is that perfect little bite of kindergarten!
    As for ideas, hmm, I love the cornmeal thing, maybe go for a remix on jalapeno poppers, with some vegan cheese and spice. I've seen lots of cornmeal/ fruit mixes too. And for something sweet, I have yet to see anything chocolatey on your blog, so that also may be in order.

  2. Any more specific recipe for said corn-dog pancake? I've been meaning to make something like this for so long, but when it comes to baking and subsequently any kind of batter, I tend to fall short when I wing-it.