Sunday, August 9, 2009

I do not want to go to the radio station tomorrow morning. I didnt sleep too well this weekend so i am not looking forward to waking up in like three hours. Although i do like the people i work with over there and it is nice to have a reason to awaken in the morning.

That being said... this post it going to be both short and sweet (ironically enough, much lik a pancake) so i can get my sleep on and catch a DVR'd episode of Ruby. Not gonna lie, it a guilty pleasure. That... and Evanesence.

No children, its not a kidney or a donkey liver. This is the Dragon fruit.

"You put WHAT in there?"

Dragon fruit is either a dark red (as seen above) or a white fruit that is native to, i believe, hawaii. FULL of good antioxidants and pretty low in calories (so if your thinking of health... get some!) Taste wise, however, it was nothing really special. Picture a kiwi texture with the sweetness of breadfruit. Now, ive never had breadfruit but i hear that its not sweet and kind of bland... thats the dragonfruit for you. However, lack of sweetness and blod color ws certainly enough to overshadow the lack of sweetness (i guess this is what mr. maple invented his syrup for). In the end these bad boys lended a wonderful color to the pancakes and actually got a little sweeter when they hit the hot pan. What is it about burning fruit that makes it taste better? All i know is i also pannini pressed a PB&J this weekend and the burned J has surpassed the burned cheese on the grilled cheese as my favorite sandwich runoff. so i guess were at...

  1. Burned Jelly
  2. Charred Cheese
  3. Ketchup
  4. Tofu Salad (formerly egg/tuna before i switched to becomming a vegan
Final thoughts? Glad i tried it, will most likley not go there again and will stick wit bananas. Although, i did feel better with the added antioxidants in my system. I guess that means its time to try Kiwifruit pancakes!

Also, Dragon fruit is apparently good for the old sex drive. Git her Mr. Sun!!! TWO SCOOPS OF RAISINS MAKES EVERY MORNING GOOD (thats what she said). Tune in next time for greencake, or pan-wi. I gotta work on the name.

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