Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Gain, A Loss, and a Wicked Cross

Everyone talks about 'brinner' and why shouldnt they? Breakfast for dinner is amazing and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you so they can have all the brinner for themselves. Whic is uncool since there is so much to go around.

However, what about Dinfast? Could there be such a thing? It seems to be there is a lacking of dinner for breakfast lately (or hardly at all). This troubld me upon further reflection since dinner is another communal meal that i feel is getting traded for a quick drive thru choice, or a lasagna that just came from a box. Before I go on let me make it clear that I do love the stouffers lasagna and have many a time shaken hands with the hamburger helper, and loved it! I just think current times could stand a couple times a week where dinner got exciting and brought the family together again. That being said, this pan-clay-ke went as far as making a brinner that could double as a dinfast...

First were going to have to dice some onions and peppers and sweat them for a bit. After their softer throw in a little bit of some boca crumbles (or some ground meat for the non-vegan). Mix in a little garlic powder and some s+p (salt and pepper), and this is what your gonna end up with.

Ok, ill be the first to admit that this is not the most attractive meal in the world but stay with me. For our purposes think of the mess over there as a plate of blueberries before you add them into the pancake which has a batter much like this one...

Its a standard pancake batter, vegan style of course, consisting of: Wheat Flour, water, baking powder and... wait for it.... black pepper and garlic powder. What?!?!!?!

"You Put WHAT in there?!"

It lends the cakes a wonderful savory sensation (one.... sa-vor-y sensation!) and creates a wonderful bed for the meat mixture. That being said... its time to put some chilluns to bed.

OH MAN. Picture my excitement at this point. I was like Dr. Frankenstein right before the lightning struck. Coupled with the smells of the meat and the thrill of doing something new by the seat of my pants was a natural high. Some jump out of plane, I make pancakes! But here is the rub, what about the syrup? We gotta put some sort of syrup on the pancake and in no way was i going to make these bad boys ride the maple train. I know i was pushing the batter matrix as much as humanly possible already so there was no way im going to add a......... KETCHUP AND MUSTARD!!!! Simple to the point of being retarted! What makes a burger more perfec than a healthy shot of K&M? That being said i was still a little apprehensive so.....

On the side it is. And after a few cautious dips and a lot of water swigs and pallet cleansing the order goes: ketchup, mustard, pickle (if available) and ham-cake (see what i did there?) If you are not making these then you are making your tummy sad and doing yourself a disservice. Not only that but this is also a wonderful thing to make for the kiddies in order to make them eat some more veggies. No worries.... its gonna be our little secret.

So, time for a man-fession. There was one more reason why i got the inspiration to combine these who dishes into this plate of wonder and that was a heartfelt goodbye to an old friend...

Gandalf the white.... driving off towards that salvage yard in the sky thanks to Obama and the Cash for Clunkers program. I do not have pics of the new car yet but they will be up soon. Also, this is about Gandalf so one thing at a time.

Gandalf and i went through a year of High School, our years of college, six trips across the country, a hearty spooning while camping, off roading, rocking our downtown, a run from the poice, nightly fast food runs and a crash into a fence by my loving little sister. He was where i could rehearse my audition pieces before i entered the building and was always there to help me move (the markings of a TRUE friend if i do say so myself). Not to mention, i heard of Gandalf being referred to as myself if i were a car. When i thought about all this i wanted to cook a special dinner for myself to kind of highlight all the wonder that was our relationship and i couldnt think of anything better than pancakes. Then i was remembering the 'pre-gan' days where him and i would drive down to the wendys and grab up some dollar menu. Thus... hamburger pancakes. We all miss you gandalf... this cakes for you.

So true believers... thats all there is for now. A little emotion and alot of good memories. Thank you for reading and... until next time, this is PanClayKe reminding you to never be afraid to put ketchup on anything!


  1. Your pancake creations never cease to amaze me! And ketchup does indeed go with everything.

    I know how it feels to be emotionally attached to a car...they all seem to have personalities and little character 'quirks', and you're definitely not the only person guilty of naming one ; ) Actually 'Gandalf' seems to suit that car perfectly.

    Thank you so, so much for taking the time to write me such a touching and poignant comment: it means a great deal to me to hear someone rationalize the general perspective on eating disorders and reassure me that it's okay to admit to struggling at the other end of the disordered spectrum. I was so amazingly flattered by what you said...especially coming from a guy, as for most of my life I've believed that I'm so hideous that no-one of the male species would ever want to know me at all (hope that doesn't sound creepy!)

    Thank you once again for your kindess and I look forward to seeing more creative variations on pancakes (hint:lots involving bananas!)


  2. Clay, I gotta come over and get down on ur savory pancakes one day! One day soon now that I got a couple weeks off from school.

    And RIP Gandalf. I think I made you get in that runaway from the authorities and you did your best not to get us in jail.