Saturday, August 1, 2009

Short, Sweet and........ Stewie?

So, i igured out something about myself today. A couple things actually.....
1) I am no longer allowed to read books in the pool. My copy of 'Becomming Vegan' is still hanging over the towel rack. And right when i was getting to the chapter on Phytochemicals. DAMN IT!
2) When i dont have something constantly in the back of my head I tend to let them go along the wayside. Not forgotten, but put on hiatus. This is a challenge for me in the Blog-Sphere considering there are aily experiences and things that i always follow with the phrase... Im totally goin to put that on my blog." And, while i did make some delish pancakes today i decided to save the post for another time (will explain why later) and instead... kick back in the sun and put on a little amibient Family Guy.

Why is this important? Guess what the first episode that came up was?

You can say that again.....

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