Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pair-of-waffles Activity

See what I did there?Here at Panclayke we enjoy a good scary movie. However, there is something to say about the differences between something 'scary', 'frightening' and 'disturbing'. Not sure what i mean by this? To put it simply...
  • Saw - Scary (plot that could happen and you really hope doesnt)
  • House of Wax - Frightening (horrible movie that relies on things jumping out at you in order to try and scare you. Pretty much most scary movies in the last 5 years)
  • Paranormal Activity - Disturbing (something that is real and evokes a memory or something you have gone through that makes you spill your Reeses Peecies all over the floor)
This movie was definitley disturbing. And yes... i have seen a ghost before. Setting the stage: Freshman year of college in the dormitory communal bathroom - had some Chinese Buffet that was looking to make an 'encore' at three in the morning. Needless to say, yours truly definitley had some tunnel vision happening. Going past the shower stalls it was a quick right turn until i found what i sought. All of a sudden someone flung open one of the shower curtains like they were looking to hit me in the face for calling their mother a whore. I didnt care who was so mad at me, i was on a mission. After everything was situated and it was time to taea breather (cautiously) i noticed, i never heard a door close - i never heard footsteps - not even the light scraping of a towel across a freshly washed body. GHOST!!!!!!!
Yeah, i saw me a ghost. This might even need to inspire a pancake (something with raisin eyes, yeah). Anyway, back to the movie. While the camera work is a bit shakey due to the handycam-look, much to the tune of Cloverfield and the Blair Witch. The story centers around a couple who have recently moved into a new house together and discover a 'disturbance' that the girlfriend has apparently gone through before. Right off the bat the audience recognizes a plot like this one (something is following the girrrrrrllllll, howl). However, what makes this movie different are two things. The first is the role of the boyfriend and his insatiable need to protect her which does nothing more than to anger the spirits within. The second are the nuances concerning the haunting. There is nothing really jumping out at you, just looking for a cheap thrill. This is a movie that gets you concentrating and opens your senses looking for something, this openness makes something as simple as a door swinging scary... this isnt to say that there arent a couple WHOA-ments (<-- playin with words!) but these are not all this movie has to offer. In the end, we at panclayke give Paranormal Activity 3.7/5 quija boards. It will definitely be rented when there is a pizza party at the casa, but will not be bought for general use.
There is also....
Van's Waffles... from the Freezer! Freezer waffles are back in action after a reputation set by the eggo company placed the waffle in the same realm as ice cream. I guess since they share a room then they must also be the same thing. NEWS FLASH! Go and get these and reclaim your breakfast! These are not only organic but are also VEGAN! This was definitely a plus, not to mention the crispyness that comes on these guys right out of the toaster (setting 6 to those of you with a black and decker). Will i be buying these again. Well, with variations like: Blueberry, belgian, gluten free and homestyle... i would have to be crazy not to. Not to mention that the make me happyyyy

OOOOOOOOOO, whos a happy boy?!!?

Well folks, i regret to say that i will be MIA for a couple of days as there is going to be A LOT of shtuff going on soon. Add together the Morning show, promotions department and the final hour all backpacking on the other one for the next three days and you have the recipe for a menaje tois of pain. Needless to say.... im heading out to Publix tomorrow and picking up some red bulls and 5 hour energies.

However, before i head out i want to remind you all to support the Daily Bread Food Bank... i actually thought of another way to make this happen. As you all know, I have attempted the terminator with less than perfect results. So i purpose a wager. A bet, of you will, to see if I will be able to take it down or not. If not, then i will apologize and make a huge donation (i was gonna anyway but just thought i would make it seem more noble just then) BUT, when that last bite is taken... perhaps a dollar to the Daily Bread. No pressure ya'll, just really passionate about this cause.

Well folks, that is all for now. Tune in next time for a new pancake and new life-enings. Until then, this is PanClayke reminding you that a Quija board will only make the demon mad.


  1. Oh I love Vans waffles! I have some in my freezer right now! And Paranormal Activity? My friend Mimi just did a review on it...she said it was not scary at all, but whatever, it is scary to me! >.<

    Good luck with all the hectic stuff going on! Come back for an update, yeah?

  2. saw may just be the most disturbing movie i have ever seen but i saw the happening the over day and to put it simply it makes sense to me which makes it ever scarier
    wait i changed my mind wolf creek is the scariest movie ever

    waffles are the bomb but add blueberries...i wish we had those around

  3. I love their gluten free buckwheat berry waffles. I bought them when my SIL was visiting because she has to eat GF, but we ended up going out for breakfast and I ate them all after she left. I love a good waffle :)

    I used to love my Ouija board. I was always a sucker for stuff like that.

  4. Mmm... waffles. I have seen that brand in Whole Foods several times but have never given them a try. What better time than now, eh?

    Good luck with the next few days! I'll look forward to your next post!

  5. Wow...I already had a waffle craving and you've made it worse! I must make a trip to the store soon!

    Haha, I saw Paranormal Activity. I wasn't very impressed though...I think it's a victim of the Hype Monster. But a lot of peeps in my theater were freaked out. I reviewed it for my university newspaper here:

    Best of luck with Daily Bread!

  6. wooop i love scary films! i was wandering whether this one was actually any good... think il have to go see it now!
    you look so cute with your waffles :D they sound goooooooood.

    hope you have a good couple of days, sounds like your going to be busy.

    xo hannah

  7. Mm I need to get my waffles outta the freezah. But the scary movies can stay with YOU because Iiiiiiiiiiii do not like them ;) *fraidy cat*

    Keep your head up over the next few busy days!

  8. hmm waffles! sounds good! hope you enjoy them ;)

  9. hey! woot i found your blog haha. hmm paranormal activity... definitely not watching that one. in fact, and you'll probably be bowled over in shock by this, but i have never ever ever seen a scary/horror/thriller movie in my life. do i feel like im missing out though? hell no. i am a happy movie person, thank you very much :P
    van's waffles are AMAZING! well, i've only ever tried the gf ones, but im sure the others are almost as good, natch ;) did you know that they have MINI WAFFLES too? my store stocks them and i was so excited, but it turns out they're not gf so you'll have to try 'em for me, k?
    take care and i hope your next few busy days are good :)

  10. well i must say, you do have some edward hair. as for the waffles. yummm, vans frozen waffles were my fave as a kid. the mini chocolate chip were my personal favorite. and i will save my "paranormal activity" enthusiasm for the "new moon" opening. a girl can only have so many movie experiences.

  11. Eck! I am so not a scary movie fan. I end up sleeping 3 nights with the lights switched on ALWAYS! Why 3? I have no idea. I guess that's how long it takes to de-traumatise me! Lol.

    The waffles look yum and I just have to say that you have such energy in your writing that makes me feel so pumped up and ready to face the day!