Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I want a Mexican.... 'Rideo"! (FAIL!)

First of all, please let me apologize for the lack of color on the plate here. I know you eat with your eyes first and right now it seems as though i served you a plate of burnt frnech fries. Ill explain at the end the reason for the lack of color... but for now, here is what has been going on in the brief stint iv'e been gone.

I told you it was coming... well, let it be known that PanClayke is nothing if not a man of his word. First off, the question on everones lips... The Final Hour was tiring beyond all reason and more taxing than, well.... taxes. Friday night alone we were all there from 6-2 in the morning and did the scene over 100 times for groups of 25 people at a time. Needless to say... by the time two o'clock rolled around yours truly was ready to go to sleeeeeeeeep (and renounce his faith for Taoism, but thats besides the point). However, with one more night there was nothing to it but to do it, and we even ended up getting out early, getting a lot of complements on what we had accomplished and let a lot of people to Christ who would not have normally attended a church service. Also, i let the people who were providing food for the event what the term 'vegan' means... i was actually offered a chik-fil-a sangwich and told to eat the bread and throw the meat. MMMMMMM, bread. I almost feel like im taking advantage of you all! Luckily, Subway was across the street ready to dish out the veggie D-lights, and a hand of bananas isnt too expensive. That... and Rockstar energy drinks were four for five at Publix this week (WINNER!). All in all, if i had the choice, would i do it the same way again? Mayyyyybe not the entire run of the event, but i would definitley help out.

Next up, there has been a HOOOOGE movement on the 'career-front'. Many of you loyal followers have noticed the movie reviews that litter the blog, well... i am happy to say that these are going to start being more mainsream. Yes, i am now reviewing movies on a local radio station... LIVE! (and the crowd goes wild). Will this mean that some movie-love will not end up on here? In some way, yes... but - plan on new DVD reviews along with some CD's!(Starting with Michael Buble:Crazy Love, and 'Food Inc.').

Last, but not least, The Terminator is so getting taken down this Sunday. The team is assembling nicely (Grandma is staying home) and we are confident as only 20 yr old guys can be. I may even just wear my Superman Cape... Im not sure. That being said... make sure to stop by the Daily Bread Food Bank and se what you can do to help. Recently there was a meeting with Pizza Rustica (a miami-based pizza chain) about making a donation in response to me creating a scene by eating a big pizza. Gee, let me think... I raise money by eating some awesome pizza. Im sorry, I think I just felt the lift side of my body go numb. Very Excited about raising the money and thinking i should get Pepto to endorse me until then. Speaking of giving during the holidays, my girl Katie is raising money for 'Africards' and 'Project Pillows' and helping to raise money could not be easier. All you have to do it go look at her page, THATS IT! She is an awesome writer and has a buttload of awesome/healthy recipes (may or may not involve chocolate) that im sure you will love and make in the future. Enjoy her site and thank you for all the help.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. I apologize, as i meant for this post to contain my first video review of my Sout Florida Restaurant Tour... but the uploading is not being my friend at the moment. Tune in next timefor more creations tomfoolery (not to mention, immaturity) and hopefully... a video review.Until next time, this is PanClayke reminding you that punctuationandspaceingoutwordsisoverrated.


  1. That's so awesome that you're getting on radio with your reviews!! Sounds like a great time :)

  2. Thats so exciting your going to be on live radio! Congrats Clay :D

    xo Hannah

  3. Gosh, you are such a tease...
    And what cool experiences you are getting..I hope you enjoy each moment under God's grace, Clay!

  4. Eating pizza to help others-- what a life! And it sounds fun to give movie reviews on the radio :) I'd love to hear the review about Michael Buble. No matter what you write about him, I know he's a keeper ;)

    P.S. Your sandwich oat idea ... is amazing. I will have to muse on this and see what I might concoct.

  5. thank you for your comment on my blog :D
    means a lot to me to have people like you out there

  6. Oh wow that's amazing! Writing for radio is a ton of fun. I like it more than writing for television broadcast, because it uses more artistry than telly news. I'm a print girl at heart though.

    I look forward to your reviews!