Thursday, November 26, 2009

Post from the berry

I'm doing this one from the blackberry, apologies for the shortness.

I just wanted to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving, i will do the obligitory 'thankful' post later on... but i wanted to get out at least one sentiment before I chow on some bird.

Speaking of, the second thing is a wish to ENJOY AND BE THANKFUL! I'll go into this more later as well. For now, i plan on thanking God for my extended family in the land of blog and diving into a massive spread. Im a little anxious but im going to enjoy EVERYTHING! From the sugar-y yams, fatty- creamy cheesecakes and fried turkey. I'm actually shifty thinking about it but know its going to be a good, no... a GREAT day.

What am I saying? Tune in next time to see why.

Until next time this is PanClayke, reminding you that if you buy one Blackberry you get another of equal or lesser value for free. Thank YOU Verizon!


  1. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving, Clay, and savored each and every moment :)!

  2. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I meant to comment sooner but then my University work multiplied to an insane level...I swear my papers have started breeding.

    I just had to say thank you so, so much for the comment you left had me blushing a little I must admit ;) But everything you said was so helpful and I really needed a little nudge to get myself out of being mired in self-pity.

    I hope you did indeed have a great day!


  3. happy thanksgiving! hope you enjoyed your day and treated yourself to all that yummy food ;)

    enjoy your weekend!
    hannah xo