Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review - Original Pancake House

Sunday morning has always been a time for the family meal for yours truly. In fact, a memory came to mind this morning of my mother taking my sister and I to a 'Chinese' Buffet after church when we were young. Granted, it was more American than Chinese food, but the memories and the company were the real stars of the show... that, and this crispy dough thing with sugar on it. Funnel Cake anyone?
So, yesterday when my Pop-Cake reminded me that I would be the man of the house as he traveled to Orlando on business I had a couple flashes of sadness. Im not a daddy's-boy by any means... im a mama's boy through and through... but we DO have a weekend ritual of going to the movies and sneaking in our own food. *sigh* its the simple things.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, since we were going to miss out cinematic adventure I suggested the Sunday Brunch/Breakfast. Imagine my surprise when they not only agreed... but had the greatest suggestion of all time!
ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSEDad = Happy/awesome. Mom = Not as high as she appears (theres a lag on the camera)
Now, as with any breakfast place in America, the line at th door almost scared us back to the car. It was out the door and then some, but we were pleasantly surprised when the hostess sat us in 15 minutes! The waiter carried the torch with speedy service and a smile that would not quit. I also only saw the bottom of my coffee mug twice and those of you that know my coffee addiction know how amazing that is.
As per the menu, its pretty standard breakfast fare. Eggs, toast, REAL jelly, fresh home fries, sausage and PANCAKES. There were a lot of varieties too: buttermilk, wheat germ, buckwheat, sourdough, pumpkin and granola to name a few. There were also some more exotic dishes like breakfast burritos, waffles, blintzes and crepes filled with who-knows-what. Our table ended up with a full array of all the usual suspects.

Also, those of you familiar with Bob Evans will know what i mean when i say: "Thick, peppery bacon." Well; Thick-peppery-bacon was defintley one of the front runners this morning. Mom-cake ordered it and panclayke may have taken a piece (or five).

However, as good as the food/service/company were the TRUE reason people go to the Original Pancake House is the 'Pancakes from Around the World". They have brealfast fare hardly seen anywhere outside of Germany and Finland where these wonderous dishes were first served and consumed. Yours truly could not live with himself unless he hopped a plane to the Netherlands and had a little Apple Baby!

Have I mentioned im moving to the Netherlands and converting to Cannibalism? Honestly, all apple babies better start sleeping with one eye open!

So there are obviously a slew of reasons to get out to your Original Pancake House but are there any reasons why you should opt to stay home? Other than the ringing of the door as the new people came in (we were sitting RIGHT next to the entrance = irk!) and the crowding that rivaled a chinese orphanage there weren't really any to write home about. The food was fresh and the feeling of the restaurant just promoted a aura of happy... is there anything pancakes can't do.

Original Pancake House: 5/5 cakes

*note= the special pancakes and the omelettes ARE cooked to order! This makes the diner happy since they are actually cooking as opposed to re-hydrating their food. However, order a peice of toast or two for the wait to avoid the 'hanger pangs'

Till next time, this is Panclayke, reminding you that eggs are babies too... let the baby-slaughter begin!


  1. I am thinking the pancake parlor may have to be a challenge for me after reading this :) it used to be my favorite place to go i would get apple pancakes with cinnamon

  2. Oh my gosh, I used to go to Original Pancake House in Alabama and order the blueberry pancakes.. ballin'!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the comment; as always, you are awesome :)

  3. We don't get Pancake Houses here. =( I think if I had the money I'd start one up! Lol. And then I'd send you some to try and give your verdict on. Although... I'm not sure how they'll survive going through the mail. x)