Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What you YOU like for breakfast Johhny?

I still remember the first time i saw this and how much wonderment it brought junior year of college. It also makes me remember all the people that i had the honor of coming into contact with coupled with the sadness that i sometimes feel since i don't get to see them nearly as much anymore.... you know, due to the whole different time-zone thing. I wont go too deep into it... but i thought i would toss out a list of the bullet points that stick out as of right now.
  • Pint night at Opal Divines - in spite of me not drinking
  • Pancakes and breakfast tacos
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • Katamari Damacy and We <3>
  • Costume Parties
  • Bohemian Rhapsody and the dressing room 'choir'
  • Halo in a dorm room
  • Clap-On!
  • Denim shirts and syrup
  • Whataburger
    Moonquake Shake
  • Sea World
  • Sighs of relief
  • Jak, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Splitting a PB&J on a free couch
  • Hiding a kitten in my room
  • Floor Sweeps
  • Energy Drinks
  • The Office
  • 'Eating Grass'
  • Living room forts
  • Snow days
  • Reading a book in a tree
  • Getting all the free muffins i want
  • The first time I saw Amelie
  • Chinese Buffet once a year
  • Metro coffeehouse and finding 3 penny's
  • Big Mountain Dew from KFC

... and many many more. They may not make sense... and there are definitely some that should be up there... so let me know what those are and I will remedy that PDQ. But, until then, I leave you with this...

Hug a Carb Month, indeed!

'Reminisce Muffin'. Until next time, this is PanClayke reminding you that the same method used to make muffin batter is how one should mix pancake batter. Thank you Alton Brown!


  1. haha love the photo :P ;)
    hug a carb yeahhh!
    oh wise pancake maker can you pleeze come to my home and teach me to make some decent pancakes? or a bit less creepy, just tell me your masterful secrets... i suck, this morning was a pancake disaster!! lol :P

  2. Heyy! This is the first time I've stumbled upon your blog - and I LOVE it!! I'm so glad I'm flying to my parents' place in FL so I can watch the Food Network! Even though it's hard for me to just sit and watch tv lol. Have an awesome day!!


  3. LOLOL! Love it! Would you like to be part of the Great, Big Carb post at the end of the month?

    You're so funny :) :)

  4. UHHHHHHHHHHhh Bohemian Rhapsody. No wonder we are friends.

    Did you go to college in TX? WHATABURGER. . . I know this guy who went to the A&M game recently, and the highlight of his freaking trip was stopping at the Whataburger there.

    That perplexes me.

  5. Heyy! I'm actually going to be in south Florida.. like an hour north of Miami :D

    I am going to try that hummus recipe ASAP when I get back to Richmond. It sounds aweeesome!

  6. I love Alton Brown! Science and food? OKAY! :D

    hahaha! you are very funny :)
    I remember that video was the highlight of my 7th grade year.
    Haven't watched it in SO long.
    Blood muffin is definitely my favorite, that or the elephant muffin. Sparks my interest.

    Do you want to hear an abomination?
    I live in Texas, and I have NEVER eaten at Whataburger! :x :x :x

    I hope your day does end up being swell!
    And hey, there is nothing wrong with eating a pizza, ESPECIALLY if you're eating it like a fine Brit. ;)