Friday, October 16, 2009

Insert pancake name here

Before anything happens i must give out a disclaimer that A) I am a bad blogger since it has most definitely been too long since ive posted sumpin' and B) This post is gonna be like an elephant trunk... super long and surrounded with childish Eufamisms. Okay, now that disclaimers are out of the way....

I was feeling a flare of the islands when I awoke this morning and remembered how awesome Hawaiian pizza is. Thus, the 'Pina Cake-loda' was born. Standard batter infused with some coconut extract and chunks of pineapple in the batter and on top. Feel free to add some crushed macadamia nuts as well... but after some hard core looking the nuts were nowhere to be found (eufamism!)

Now, these had a smell coming off them that i cannot describe as anything but heavenly. I mean, look at the pure joy coming through those pores? Actually, it almost looks more like im falling asleep on my pan. Pillowcake?

Note: DO NOT make pancakes when you are hungry. Exhibit A, the abnormally big pancake on the pan that rivals the size of my head. Was it delicious? Oh yeah... and i actually flipped it without too much trouble. Granted, i had to use two spatulas, but that was nothing compared to the "tong incident of '07"

Next up on the agenda, are awards!!!
The first one comes from Mitri: the queen of Steel Cuttery
The Rules: Answer the Questions with one word answers:
1. Cell Phone: Bedroom
2. Hair: Hatted
3. Mother: Hibernating
4. Father: Missing
5. Favorite Food: Pancakes (STFU!)
6. Dream last night? Nope
7. Favorite Drink: Energy
8. Dream/Goal? Helpful
9. What room are you in? Living
10. Hobby? Guitar
11. Fear? Stagnation
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Colder
13. Where were you last night? Church
14. Something you aren't? Conceited
15.Muffins? Banana-Nut
16. Wish List Item? DeLorean
17. Where did you grow up? Atlanta
18. Last thing you did? Sneeze
19. What are you wearing? Patience (see what I did there?)
20. Your TV? Plasma
21. Your Pets? Aging
22. Your Friends? O-hana!
23. Your Life? Gift.
24. Your Mood? Hopeful
25. Missing Someone? Duh?
26. Vehicle? "Skeets"
27. Something your not wearing? Emotions
28. Favorite Store? Whole Foods
29. Favorite Color? Mountain-Dew
30. Last time you laughed? Last night
31. Last time you cried? Homeward Bound
32. Best Friend? Jesus (not a cop out)
33. Place i go over and over? Happy
34. Peson who Emails me regularly?
35. Favorite Place to Eat? Mags!
Now... for the tagging of the six!

Note: I HAD to limit myself to 6 people since i wanted to just tag everyone in the world of blogs and be done with it. But, you can't win them all.

Next up is an award about being Creative and a bad speller:

This one has to deal with seven interesting things about myself (cue skepticism)

  1. I am deathly afraid of Gecko Lizards
  2. I talk big, but never beat any Sonic Game
  3. I would rather play Pictionary than go downtown drinking
  4. Have a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt
  5. Steal bulk food from Whole Foods
  6. Aspire to be a competive eater
  7. Still watch Nick Jr sometimes

Your supposed to tag people for this reward as well. However, its been such a long time since this award was 'the rage' that i doubt its fashionable anymore. Im going to say... everyone? YES! Every blogger ever!!!

So, moving on. Let me alert you to #6 on the above list. You see, many of you will remember the Terminator and the fullness that entailed. Well, don't ask me why but i think i was just having an off day. There were factors involved that day that i may go into at another time. However, the other day during a google-sesh i stumbled upon a story about 'Furious Pete' and was definitely inspired. I thought, man... what a strange hero for me to have. Then i remembered 'Whip it' and thought it was high time i was my own hero. Why not? Therefore: the plan is to get more hard core in the old weightroom, increase the metabolism a bit and attack the terminator once again. Not only that, and say what you want, but I have gone as far as to find a list of the eating challenges throughout South/Central Florida. Among the challenges are a 5 lb burrito, a 10lb hamburger, the terminator, and the Kitchen Sink (biggest ice cream sundae ever!). Not only that but also, i think its high time i started documenting the wonderment that is the south Florida eating world. What do you think... man-boy vs food? From now on though... i think ill leave grandma at home. There is something about the Jihad being thrown down by an elderly woman that has severe pancake hindrance.

But Clay... your a vegan! Arent Eating challenged notoritous for being laden with animal? More about this one later my friends. (gotta save something for sweeps week)

Note: That pizza is the vegan-veggie from Joe-Jamz. Two things: 1) totally made this bad boy my beeotch and 2) anyone and everyone in the Hollywood Fl area needs to get down there now! Seriously, this pizza is like god (lower case g) on a crust.

It was actually REALLY out of the ordinary when this pizza happened. While it was awesome my dad brought it home for dinner and he likes eating really late at night. Im not a fan... but I am not one to pass on some vegan love. Long story short, i went to bed with some vegan food-baby action and had to wake up 6 hours later to go the radio station.... and had an awesome day! It was a hard week, im not gonna lie, but Thursday was filled with laughing and awesomeness... not to mention flexing my knowledge about LOTR.

This goes along with the concept i have been working to adapt recently and one that I am REALLY excited about, the concept of letting go. See, last sunday at church the message had to deal with surrendering one's life to God (since it was His to begin with) and not worry about the small things here on earth that really dont matter. Look at King Tut... im not lying when I say you cant take it with you. Now, this conflicts with the way i normally handle things (in a big way). Well, no more. I decide to focus more on prepping for the purpose God has for me and live by faith. Why such an easy transition. To be honest... Pure faith. I figured i could trust Bill Clinton for 8 years...trusting God isnt that hard by comparison.

Speaking of letting go, i have noticed a LOT more flexibility with regard to my routine and, ergo... more excitement. For instance: the day after the vegan pizza happened someone at work invited me to come with for an open mike night. And not as a guest... but as a comic. I asked him "where did that come from" he commented on how i was making everybody laug just then and seemingly not trying too hard. I told him i was just having fun... then told him i couldn't wait to go (something else for sweeps!). So now there is the pressure of perfecting a 'set' in about two weeks. Awesome... figures i would have some homework.

Homework which im going to find hard to do since the schedule is getting to be puh-retty full. Not only am i working at the morning show but also just got another internship with the promo department at the same station. What does this mean? It means three more days of working at the station doing promo calls and working on the websites event calendar, going to events to assist in the set up/tear downs and some killer SCHWAGGGG! (Flight of the Conchords season 2!) Also, my church is putting on the halloween event 'the final hour' which i am performing in. this bascially means three nights a week during the month of October where i perform a 1 1/2 minute skit over and over from 8-12 with minimal breaks (bathroom time is going to be a challenge -- btw, it totally rocks being a guy sometimes.) The funny thing is that at least once a rehearsal i was thinking of an excuse to get out of it. Why do i always do this? It seems as if im constantly self sabotaging myself because im worried about stepping out of my box. I just get really spprehensive when im out of my comfort zone and away from my TIVO (bascially, not being able to be in full control of my life). Well Clay, sorry to break it to you, but that is the last thing you HAVE been in control of for a re-heally long time. Seriously, i have been swayed by so many things that, in the end, are nothing if not inspid and frivolous. This *need* to control every aspect of me has cost me relationships, job opportunities, moving forward, emotional wellness, and physical health... to name a few. It's strange, i think the first sign was when i chose not to play my X-Box 360 when I first whipped it out of the box. What kind of guy doesnt jump on that quicker than a fumble at the superbowl?! It it definitely time to reclaim the things that make ME happy, the only catch is its been a while since i truly knew what that meant. What does this mean... it goes back to letting go/letting God. I surrender myself to you God, to use my life in a way that would glorify you and leave all others as secondary. In the words of 'Mrs. Frizzle', its time to "Take Chances, make mistakes, and get MESSY (eufamism!)

Lastly, there may very well be a new blog direction coming your way! As you can probably tell, one reason why I do not post as much as i would like is due to my lack of typing know-how. Well, im just gonna throw a couple key words out there: Video postage. Intrigued much? You know you are.

Whoa.....all that emoting really takes it out of you. 6:14! Kick me in the balls! Okay folks, that is all for today... tune in next time for sweeps topics and a pancake sure to shock the masses! Until then, this is PanClayke reminding you that the char on fruit is what the pancake maker knows as... 'Black Gold'.


  1. Ooh, how fun that you're doing an open mic!! That should be a ton of fun, I'm sure you'll do great. Not...that I know you in person or anything, but your posts make me laugh.

    That pizza looks awesome, and the pancakes sound fantastic. Next time we have pancakes for dinner (we almost never have them for breakfast) I'm definitely going that route.

    Thanks for the blog award!!

  2. When I made pancakes this morning, I def. thought of you. Unfortunately I did not have the image of you experiencing sexual healing over the stove at that time. xD

    The fact you mentioned LOTR pretty much made my day. I bet Samwise makes a mean pancake for second breakfast. But then my day was RUINED because you mentioned Mrs. Frizzle and this really creepy teacher I had who I hated said my hair looks like Mrs. Frizzle's. >O

    Just kidding I love Mrs. Frizzle, but that is a true story.

    Rock the shiz out of the mic night!

  3. just found your blog. you're adorable! and so creative! love all of the fun pancake ideas.

  4. Aw, I did not know you were a Christian. This post touched me a lot.

    And congrats on your AWESOME intern job! Wow! Free swag! Promo stuff! Cool!!!

    But're a VEGAN? what about the pancakes?

  5. Mmm, what an amazing pizza! Twould be difficult for anyone to pass that up, vegan or otherwise. If only they made a gluten-free base and delivered to the UK!

    I can never finish a Sonic game either. The last one I managed to complete was the old Mega Drive game Sonic and Knuckles when I was eleven.

    You really have reclaimed your pancake mojo in spectacular fashion!

    Good luck with the open mic ~ if you're anywhere near as funny on stage as you are on the blog then you'll have the audience in the palm of your hand!

    Thanks for the comment ~ I am vegan for ethical reasons and did try several volunteering positions at animal shelters but unfortunately, although I loved the animals, I had so many issues with the other people there and volunteers that I had to leave :( It is my lifelong dream to make a tonne of money as an artist and then use it all to open my own animal shelter though!

    So happy things are looking up for you :)


  6. Vegan Pizza! Oh man you're taking me there when I make it to Miami.

    Thanks so much for the award! I now have an obligation to post even though I haven't in 2 months :X eesh. But I will do this survey, I'm just really confused about how to link to it and get the image in my post so I may need some help (not very technologically inclined over here)

  7. Clay! Is this the pizza place you were talking about?? I'm so sorry we didn't get to go there! :( That's what sucks about ridiculously short fall breaks. But next time I'm down in FL will be for my winter break and I'll have pleeeenty of time then. Soo we ARE going to this vegan pizza place you speak of.

    p.s. I have noo idea if pizza rustica does a pizza eating challenge thing, but I know they're a big deal :)

    Have a great Monday!!