Friday, October 23, 2009

I better have a seat saved..

Just to let you know how important you all are to me, i had to sneak in a little post-ski before work. Just two things... then maybe a bigger one when i get home (thats what she said)

First: Dont forget to donate to Daily Bread food bank! The link is right there, dont you just wanna give it a click?


I dont know if i mentioned how im helping out with this or not, its a haunted house experience that my church has been doing. ITs been good, the goal is to spread the gospel and get people saved... and last night alone something like 2,000 people came! Praise be to God!

The Catch... sitting on a tire, outside, in the rain, until 2 in the morning. Then... they walk by and try to lift our spirits with promises of pizza today before the show starts. AWESOME, oh wait.... nevermind (veganism much?). However, the bible does say to find joy in the hardships for they are, in the end, bringing glory to God. I have never prayed harder that this will be my focus. Until then, i just need to take it easy and rest up... Panclayke - sleep = Angrypants McGoof.

I think i might just have to have a massive burrito beofre the thing tonight. Review of the best burritio ever to follow~

*UPDATE*= So, there is some time now for a more proper Panclayke update... but nowhere near enough to leave me satisfied. Like, when you leave a restaurant having payed too much money for too little food. Speaking of which...

The East Coast Burrito factory almost made up for all the 'stoggie' tex-mex food ive have since ive been home to Florida. While we have the best cuban sandwiches for miles... the burritos leave something to be desired and the breakfast tacos are non existent. However, this took those bad boys to the bank and made me remember what i love about the burrito. Tortilla love. And honestly... bang for your buck much? This thing was the size of a human baby and weighed about the same (im guessing about 2-3 lbs!). Sadly, i got caught up in a conversation before the run of the Final Hour and before i knew it someone had eaten the entire thing. I dont know that happened! Howevsies... I am not a little more prepped to take down the Terminator again... considering I pretty much ate a human child and didnt even know it (well, not REALLY a baby but... well, you get the picture). And honestly, with loads of vegetarian and a few vegan options as well... the East Coast Burrtio Factory is definitely going to be a repeat on the blog. We, at panclayke, give it 4.5/5 pads of butter.

Update on Final Hour - God's will and not my own... that is the mantra that i hav been repeating as i sit on a tired at two in the morning doing a 2 minute scene for the 100th time. Sounds fun? Well, what if i added the rainstorms of late and the fact that we are outside to the equation? You wanna help out right now dont you? But again, God's will be done. I DO know that tons of people have been showing up and a number of people have received God's love and gotten saved. There is a part of me that says this is not important... but the 'correct' thinking dictates this as the most noble job on earth. Four days and the rest of my life, thats all. But like I said... i better have a seat saved.

That's all for now Meine Lieblings! Tune in next time for a new pan-creation and a dedication to the strongest of the strong! Until then, this is PanClayke reminding you to that you are what you eat... and apparently I am 14 inches long and weigh 2.5 lbs (HELLO!).

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