Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Short, sweet... enough to eat.

Okay, like the title says, prepare for a shortzie. Just wanted to let you all know i was still alive after the monstorus pancake challenge. The update is the tumbly is feeling better. Yesterday i decided not to cook and to spend the next couple of days cleaning the produce out of my fridge. A good shoice if i do say so myself since my spinach was about to go bad and i do need more iron in my diet.

Also, i wanted your opinion. Many call me crazy but one thing about the PanClayke is that he is stubborn beyond all reason. Its like in 'Lost' and how the main tagline is: '' dont tell me what i can't do''. Ergo, im thinking i may just have to take on the terminator for a second time. What does this mean? It means a couple months of training and drinking more water earlier in the day on the day of the challenge. Stretching the stomach out and all that. IT would also mean, as much as i love her, to leave grandma at home and just head out with the guys... eating challenges are, after all, the pinacle of machismo. But i was also thinking of the "All you can eat pancake challenge at ihop" you see, i think one reason i felt so horrible is because im not eating meat anymore... let alone eggs and dairy. So perhaps it was my body telling me not to digest it all? Im not sure... but i wanted you alls opinion, so i popped on at work to put the question up.

"Should PanClayke re-attempt the Terminator?"
Im thinking the blogshpere motivation would be good. Also, im thinking there has got to be a charity organization or something where i could actually do this for a reason. Not just feel my own gluttony and all that, lol. Either that, or i just need to make some awesome pancakes at home... and soon, because the last batch or two i made in the test kitchen were epic fails! (Note: Stay tuned for "Kung Fu pancakes"). Also... be ready for an epic movie review post including Whip it and Zombieland.
Tune in next time for wonderful reviews, recipies and other things that begin with 'r'. Until next time, this is PanClayke reminding you that 'a coward dies many time before his death... but a brave man tastes his death but once."

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  1. Clay - you never fail to make me laugh ^.^ For real, my next peanut butter sandwich abomination shall be dedicated to you.
    Ah, its not really a challenge at IHOP. WE have "All You Can Eat Pancakes" day coming up. You buy one plate of 3 pancakes for whatever price, and get free 2-per-plate pancakes thereafter. One of D's friends will legit sit down and eat about 4-5plates of pancakes. And everyone will sit there, waiting for him to stop eating. And then he just orders another set to go. LOL. So given my own caloric intake, I've been asked to "challenge" him by eating as much or more. But hey, I won't stop ya if you chose to fly up for grand occasion. It'll be good times.