Friday, January 8, 2010

The Birth of 'Clay-pe?'

cDThe Austin trip is nearing its end lovers of the cake. Shhhhh, dont cry, i'll be back again next year. Hmmm, is there a reason why i sound like Frosty the Snowman? Oh Yeah... cause it it SEVEN TEEN DEEGREES!!! Fail austin, epic fail.

However, i refused to be taken aback by captain cold this day and i opted to venture out into the world of austin eateries that, ironically, have no indoor seating. 'Sure', he said to himself, 'wait till the end of the rip to go there, money is going to be a bit tighter and its gonna be far along from christmas so the weather will be nice.' Well, at least i was half right... the money is tight. But that didnt stop and outing to P Terrys and Flip Happy Crepes.

Final thoughts were that the burger was perfect! Size, texture, grease:meat: bread ratio... the whole shabang. It was actually kind of allieviating to not have to forgo another massive eat-feat consisting of something else that was 'texas-sized'. The fries were, for lack of a better word.. fresh. You can tell they were flash fried to order beacuase they are hat from cooking when you get them and not just warm from a nice long tan under the heat lamps. And the shake... O-M-G! Just a little knowledge... i never hget a shake when i go anywhere cause i think 'BFD, someone melted some ice cream or made a thicker milk', but this place reminded me why Shakes are awesome. It was not oversly sweet to the point of not being able to taste the chocolate and, even though it was cold outside, did not freeze the mouth over like the ones from McDonalds used to do (from what i remember). Also, the fries tasted better when they were dipped in the chocolate shake which, i dont know about you, is kind of the way i decide whether or not i like the shake or not. So fat the only other place that has passed this test has been Wendy's frosty... but i think we have a new reigning champ.

Lastly, as far as the Crepes go.... i contemplated moving to France if that would mean that i get to have things like this everyday. Seriously, this was light but not without substance, it was sweet but not unpallateable and it was french but not smelly (see what i did there?). Also, those of you who watch 'Throwdown with Bobby Flay' on Food Network may remember when he came to Austin and went toe to toe with the flip happy chefs... and got smacked in his pretentions, herb oil loving, ASS! How do you like Austin now FLAY?!?! Go back to NY and meet your grill.... and count your money.... and say hello to your super hot wife for me. There is, however, a downside to Flip Happy Crepes and that is that their hours of operation are something ridiculous, closed monday and tuesday and closed at 3:15 for the rest of the week after opening at ten (maybe) and only during daylight savings. I dont even know, but what i do know is that a trip to austin would not be complete without a little nutella love, eespecially when its nestled in a fresh... made to order crepe.

Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Tune in next time for the 'other' whole foods and the only way to properly celebrate the birth of the King. Until then this is PanClayKe reminding you that a Crepe is a pancake thats just a little more lazy and therefore decides not to rise when you cook it. Lazy? That IS French!

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