Thursday, June 18, 2009

up UP and a-waffle!

Last post we ventured into the wonder that was Kodiak Pancake Mix but did i mention that the word mixes box also mentioned the word..... waffle? NO!? Well it did, which gave me the gung ho attitude of "Have iron will waffle". I immediately dove into the boxes littering my living room from my recent move and pulled out the waffle iron that I had not used since the the 'marsh-madness', note to self: marshmallows melt away into nothing when you cook them and WILL stick to the waffle maker.
That being said I also found a nice can of pumpkin puree next to the iron and thought... 'why not turn my waffles up to eleven?' Eleven, thy name is pumpkin waffle. Prepare the mix, add the nutmeg, cloves, little cinnamon sugar and the pumpkin and you have a disc full or flavor and beta carotene. So not only are you doing something awesome for your pallete but also for our overall health, kicking cancer in the face once and for all!
The taste, while awesome, was almost overlooked by the texture. When I crave waffles one of the first things i think of is a crunchy exterior which was lacking in todays concoction. I could not tell if it was due to the surprise ingredient or the fact that the mix was previously prepared, but much like a eunich watching hostel... there was a lack of firmness (yeah, i went there). The flavor, texture and overall joy of having some waffles ended up being triumphant, however, and a happy ending ensued. Next waffle will contain the addition of a little melted butter in hopes to crisp it up so definitely look forward to that one.
Speaking of happy endings (get your mind out of the gutter) it is time to unveil the second aspect of the 'PanClayke' blog, the passion of movie watching. This week out move excursion brought us to the latest brain-child of disney and pixar, Up! Not since Walter Matthau has an elderly man brought so much joy, and brought out an unlikely hero. The story is about a man who nurtures a childhood dream of being an explorer and shared said dream with his wife, Ellie. These two definitely win the award of cutest elderly movie couple since 'The Notebook', and also the most endearing. I am so elated that pixar is keeping the animated movie a staple in the cinematic world by not just regergetating the same 'fluff' over and over again, like a fat kid who found the hidden stash of Marshmallow Peeps. In this bloggers opinion Pixar has yet do make a mistake when it comes to movies (knock on wood) and has me looking forward to what theyre going to come up with in the future. This hopeful looking ahead was amped up even more when i remembered the sequel to 'The Incredibles' is still out there to look forward to. Until then though, Up will raise your mood much like it raises the home of the main character. There were definiely baloons tied to my ankles when i walked out of the theater (metaphorically), which floated me home to my computer which brings us to the present. In other words, whether it be by car or a boat or flying house... go and see this movie! Maybe even make it better and sneak in a few eggos for snacking (FULL CIRCLE!).
Until next time, this is PanClayke reminding you the regulat butter is both better tasting and better for you.

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