Monday, June 8, 2009

A Thousand Miles...

... starts with a single step.
I have been telling people about this blog for some time now, it seems not a day goes by where the phrase "Have I told you about my blog" came out of my mouth. After a while people started getting annoyed, they didnt say anything but i can tell. That just made me want to buckle down more since i obviously have some awesome people supporting me to the point of putting up with my constant reiteration. But, onto more important matters... The Pancake!

So, its obvious these are for breakfast, but i think we should think out of the box. Look at the omelette, having recently lived on a weekly food budget of like $20 i can tell you how great a dinner an omelette can be, not to mention its cousin the fritatta (ole!). There were even some times where pancakes for dinner came into play and people would look at me like i was a sicko for a bit then in awe that i wasnt in a sugar coma from the night before. It was either that or some comments about my Peter Pan syndrome (which does exist but is beside the point). So i figured why not BE the change, go from pancakes to MAN-cakes, share stories with the world about inspirations for certain recipes and show the other aspiring cooks out there what certain ingredients can do rahter than be at the mercy of the ever-imposing spice isle. Maybe even take a shot at the thin line between sweet and savory. Crazy? Crazy like a fox!

Thats only part of what begins out tale together, the second half comes from the panic that ensued after graduating with a degree in theater arts and living in the real world with no set path to follow anymore. With this panic came the question "What do i want to do now?" The answer came over a pancake dinner where one of the most amazing phrases i have in my arsenal came about. "I dont know what I want to do, but I want to express myself." Well, I dont know exactly what I want to do either, but I know I want to: Sing, make people laugh, be superman and make pancakes. Vague? Vague like a fox!

So where does that leave us? In Miami, living out of boxes and being the newest member of LA Fitness. My apologies for the lack of pancake+photo, but stay tuned. Pancakes are sexy and were bringing sexyback.

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  1. CLAY!!!!!! I don't know if you remember me, but I post on CC as aqua a couple months ago. I missed hearing from you, glad that you're joining the blogging world!

    Can't wait to see your pancake creations :]