Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manly Mix... and only mix.

Todays adventure is brought to you by Kodiak Cake Mix, a quick look at the website will give some explanation to the todays title. When it comes to buying complete pancake mixes one is normally swamped by women (Jemima, Ms. Butterworth, etc), so imagine the 'joygasm' that ensues when a pancake mix featuring a snarling kodiak bear on the box showed up on the shelf. I didnt stand a chance, This mix was in my cart before you could say Dutch Baby.

Note: The mix is a bit hard to find, being that it is a bit out of the box (see what i did there) and not viewed as a 'staple' like the more attractive cousin Bisquick. I found mine at Central Market, but im sire you could get it at Whole Foods not to mention ordering online.

So, first things first, whats different with this guy other than the super manly box bear? Well, the first thing is that all the ingredients are natural. Wheat and oat flour, milk solids, its the closest thing to scratch pancake making I have found in the store (That is until I pick up a new box of Sodium Bicarbonate). Then, there is the ease of cooking. Since its a complete mix all it needs is a little moisture. equal parts dry mix and cold water and you have a breakfast fit for a king sans the king size effort.

Now, to the nitty gritty. Tasting these bad boys was truly a treat. Light and fluffy as buttermilk pancakes, with the earthy texture that sticks to your ribs in a subtle way that makes you feel like your not just eating a plate full of sweetened air. I am a huge fan of air, but not as a main course. Now, there is a bit of the Whole Wheat 'tang' which anyone who has ever had to use one slice of white and wheat bread on the same sandwich can explain if your not sure what I mean (note: when making a fried bologna sandwich... make sure you have adequate bread before you fry the meat). However, despite the taste reminding you that we are eating moderately healthy, the smooth and light texture keep thoughts of 'health food' as the last thing on your mind (expecially once the syrup comes into play). There is also a lot left in the box so you get the bang for your buck at about six 4'' pancakes for every cup of mix, which is definitely important nowadays. The mix is also pretty versitile. As a matter of fact im looking forward to incorporating some fun spices, fresh fruit, maybe even some bacon and just make an all in one breakfast... but lets cross that bridge when we get there.

In the end the Kodiak Cake Mix yeild a good tasting Pancake with ease, and leaves you feeling full and a little more like a mountain man. In fact, this was the manliest i felt all day in spite of watching 'P.S. I Love You' as i was eating said pancakes. Lets just say the pancakes were the highlight of the film for me. Therefore, the mix is highly recommended in terms of taste and movie saing and while it may be a bit pricey and hard to find, it is definitely a nice treat for the pancake enthusiast.

Until our next adventure this is PanClayke reminding you to nuke your syrup for 30 seconds.

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