Saturday, August 13, 2011

Working Actor... Coming Through.

I really wish there could be a badge I could flash, Law and Order Style, telling the world of my prominence. I could just walk into a room and say in my Ron Burgandy Voice "Working Actor here, whats the sitch?" Everyone in the room gasps and starts whispering 'he's a working actor?' 'My father told me about them.' Yes, thats right kids. We are THAT rare. Put a working actor on a unicorn and you have something the JRR Tolkein couldnt even comprehend. Hence why there are no working actors in Middle Earth, unless you count Sir Ian. "There will be no scripts ON THE NIGHT!'

'Clay' you ask, 'did you really search for a starbucks, set up your computer, find the internet server, connect to it, answer some Emails, get a coffee, hit on the barista, pee, check facebook, refil the coffee, text a couple people, pee again and then sign onto your blog JUST to tell the smallfolk how prominent you are?" In so many words, yes, but doing it to prove a point. A year ago today I was on top of the world with a job offered to me that paid more money than I was used to getting.... a job that was offered to me again. The money was good, they co-workers were tolerable, the work was not hard and my bosses were ten types of awesome. But I didnt take it this time around. I didnt take it because I was tired of not following my heart, of not waking up and being exited to what i got to do that day. Ergo... I may have no money right now and I have no plans to get rich anytime soon, but I am lucky enough to have good things on the horizon and thats all that matters.

I totally went on a rant there and lost my train of thought so I thought to start a new paragraph. I could just delete but who cares... get your own blog! Im pressing on. NOW, we need to talk about the wonder that is prayer and God. When I lived in Austin and had my own place I got lonely A LOT! Like Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy lonely. I would surf the TIVO and rent a movie every now and then but from the outside looking in i was a sad sack indeed. It was not until I moved that I realized i was lacking two big things: Listening and Trust. The same things you need to make an improv scene good or to make a play work for the audience. you have to listen and you have to trust. In this respect you have to listen to God... but thats only half the battle. You have to be open, ask a question, not have an opinion. Whatever God has planned for you got gotta be ready to roll with it and you have to......

TRUST! This one is hoooge. Know that God is ready to take care of you because He loves you like no other. The bible says to look at the birds in the sky and the plants on the ground. They are given food, shelter, sunshine and grow and thrive. Arent YOU more important that a raven or a dandelion? Of course you are... ergo trust God to take care of you the same way.

I spent the majority of my summer praying for something good to happen. That I would have more trust in God and let Him do good things in my life. There were times where I thought i was just spinning my wheels and even times where i just said the words I normally said and had no intention behind them. I mean, it got prety dismal for me this summer and we will talk more about that later. But the point right now is that i have job upon job upon job coming up which are gonna pay me enough to take care of myself. Maybe even enough to take a lady out to a nice dateski. 'But Clay, dont you have a girlfriend?!'

Oh yeah........ no. #savedforalaterdate <-- gotta get you guys to come back somehow.

But for now, know that God is taking care of you right now. Its okay if you dont believe it, cause He believes in you and thats enough for right now. Trust in him, have patience and good things will happen. Cause your awesome!

Peace and Love;

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