Friday, May 20, 2011

Hits and Misses

The days as of late have been somewhat uneventful. Shows in the morning and maybe a shift a week at the Broward Center to sling out liquor for the masses seeking to be entertained. This past Tuesday was such a day when I dolled out the wine at an event at Parker Playhouse. The space was beautiful but the crowd was definitely less so. It was for an event called 'Senior Idol'. If you're asking yourself "Could this event e what I think it is?" you would be right. Senior citizens singing some of the favorites fomrt their youth. Among the highlights were: Let it be, All that jazz and my personal fav.. Chatanooga Choo-Choo.

However, there was one event the other day which threw me a bit. Epona, the most beautiful car the world, was harshly beaten by an BIOTCH in a chevy who decided that she needed to make it into a Walgreens before the rapture happened! So uncool. Bitch speeds across three lanes of traffic while there are cars within touching distance and then talks to me like IM the asshole for moving when i have the ROW. AND she had a kid in the car (he was like 17 but her offspring nonetheless). Further proof why some people should not reproduce. I DO NOT need more of those people running around South Florida hurting more innocent Hondas.

The good news though, is that Epona is driveable and only cosmetically hurt. So, if all goes according to plan im going to take it to the progressive body shop and have speed racers insurance company cut me a check I will then use to fix the car. And by 'fix the car' I mean take my lady on a dream date. Thats right............... Taco Bell drive thru in a limo! Seriously, it seems juvenille but how epic would it be? Like, you know how tacos taste better in the backseat of a car when your watching the sun go down? Well, picture that..... but in a LIMO. Dream date. Superdate in fact.

Oh also, color me cool.... I just got me one-a-dose fancy 4g phones. I have all these G's and I am LOVING IT. Aint noting but a G thang..... baaaaaabaaaay.

So, to sum up. Epona is fine, Phone is awesome and i better get a check this week. Will keep you updated (of course) and.... until then, remember....... just because you CAN have kids doesnt mean you SHOULD.

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