Thursday, December 17, 2009

The once and Future King...

Final thoughts of The Kingdom are that I will totally be going back... but Im gonna stick with the queenburger next time. Honestly, the meat was perfectly cooked to my liking and had a real nice flavor, not to mention the rustic and homemade feel of said burger. All these reasons attributed to yours truly setting a new RECORD for the Doomsday's consumption (11min 32sec... BEAT THAT MAN V FOOD!) *note - Man v. Food will be coming to the Kingdom on 2/3/2010!* Basically, the burgers make one remember how homemade burgers taste... giving someone the taste of home. Now, the fries.... im not gonna lie i expected more. They were nice and well seasoned with something that tasted like a garlic/herb blend, but they were a bit too dry for my liking... i like my fries like my women; thick, hot and covered in cheese. The onion rings, however, were totes on point. cornmeal encrusted and seasoned with the same blend. The only warning i wil give you is that the crunch that comes with these bad boys has the 'Cap'n Crunch' effect and the roof of my mouth is not doing so hot at the moment.

The service was almost better than the food. I dont know if we just had an awesome waitress or she was just astounded by the eating of the doomsday... but our waitress (Stephanie) was a friggin angel. She even shared her wings with Matt and I! She was also extremely attentive considering she was the only one there.

In the end, Matt and I already have plans to go back as The Kingdom is totes a winner! from the service to the food everything was on point. If there was a downside its that it might have been a little too loud inside for the general conversation... but how will you realize that when your bust taking down a friggin awesome burger.

The Kingdom 3.5/4 Pancakes

Well, ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it. Tune in next time for more happenings in South Florida food and, hopefully, the report about how children have been made happier through Quickies Toy Drive... not to mention 'Feeding South Florida'. Until then this is Panclayke reminding you that 1lb = 12oz.


  1. I'm trying to visualize what thick, hot and covered with cheese could equate to in girl form...

  2. oh you make me laugh clay :D