Friday, December 11, 2009


In honor of the first night of Hannukah I decided to go somewhere 'super-specsh' for lunch on the way home from work. Good thing i was hungry since it was a long work day, it wasn't supposed to be... but there were waitresses from a certain ,restaurant that shall remain nameless which were great at diverting our attention for awhile. Thennn, there was a press screening i had to make, i wont ruin the surprise but rest assured the movie was friggin awesome! Will tell more later. Until then...
Can you say Deli Heaven? I dont know what it is, but i think a Deli is one of my favorite restaurants, not only is the food a 'mish-mosh' of dishes ranging from sandwiches to bagels to fish to tounge... but there is also ALWAYS a breakfast menu happening and always something new. In a way, going to "Roasters and Toasters" was a little like getting married...
(^Can you say legit home-y-ness?^)
Back to the matrimony...
Something Old: Buttermilk Pancakes! Anyplace that has pancakes available at 4 in the afternoon is someplace where I want to be. Especially when they are made from REAL ingredients and not that "just add water" stuff that I refuse to HOP to. Honestly, they were light and fluffy while simultaneously being filling. However, the saltiness was a bit stronger than i would like, but i thing thats a characteristic of a restaurant that specializes in corned meats. Something New: POTATO PANCAKES! Thats what the little nuggets of love are keeping the pancake company. Seriously, i have not had latkes in forever and im pretty sure I will wait until im back in NY to have them again. The flavor was not bad but i prefer my latke to be more like a pancake as opposed to a chicken nugget. However, dunked in a little applesauce and anyone will be doing the "Yiddish Muppet"

Something borrowed: Turkey Sandwich. Why is this borrowed? No idea, perhaps because there was so much Turkey on this bad boy that only half could be comfortably enjoyed in one sitting. For realsies, if anyone ever wondered how the Hebrew people walked through the desert for so long i think the answer is the size of their portions... this thing fueled me until like ten at night (at what time i may or may not have had the other two pancakes that came with the order I got at the Deli). The Sandwich was served straight up on wheat so you could have the freedom to dress it as you wish (totes appreciated), the turkey was a bit dry... but nothing a little mustard and light mayo didnt fix.
Couple the good food with a great atmosphere and a great waitstaff = a great dining experience. However, the opinion of the waitstaff is speculative since i got my order to go... but the lady that took the order and got me my food was funny and laughed at my jokes... ergo, i love her. The only thing keeping me from going back right now... a bit to pricey for my current cash flow, aka - non existent. This made me the something Blue :(
Roasters and Toasters 3.5/5


  1. Happy Hannukah! I celebrated accordingly with the whole fam and lots of food. We lit candles but other than that are actually not really traditional :X
    Can't wait to hear what movie I need to see next!

  2. that food looks SO good!!!
    Happy Hanukkah!!! :)