Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Deals and Good Deeds

So the results are in and i am officially the worst posted in the Blogsphere. I like to think of myself, in regards to my blog, as that kid who gets all the sources for a research paper right away and then just procrastinated while looking at them sit next to the computer. Im still pounding out the p-cakes like a madman, and documenting like whoa but then i just look at the computer really hard hoping ill develop the ability to talk to machines, in which case i would change my name to rebel and start busting my friends out of jail so we could go fight crime and, DAMN! I need to start watching Heroes.

Anyway, onto the cakey wonder or what the title 'good deal' refers to. You see, being a new vegan has led me to spend a lot more time in the grocery store produce department and noticing whats on sale and whats in season. Today on my Publix excursion i found the lovely strawberry telling me that i should buy it. 2 baskets for 3 dollars! Am i retarted? dont answer that!

OR I WILL CUT YOU LIKE I DICED UP THE RECENTLY PURCHASED BERRY GOODNESS! That being said i now know why chefs are so amiable, they get to play with knives and cut things... and get paid for it! Definitely a reason to take the profession on. Anyhoo, since the berries were such i good deal i decided to make some strawberry p-cakes, with a special vegan component that will have the spotlight in the next entry (gotta leave them wanting more). So, i got the batter together - my pan hot - and the coffee brewed an away we went.

There is a small secret to this one... DO NOT mix the berried in the batter before you put these on the griddle. This will make the sugars hit the pan rather than the batter at some points and it WILL burn to the pan and make flippage difficult. In the words of Napoleon, you'll feel like a "Flippin Idiot" (<-- see what i did there?). Ergo, i employed what i have dubbed the 'boop droop', meaning you drop the batter, THEN drop the berry slices (or what have you) then you give the new addition a little push into its new bed. And i dont know why but every push makes you want to say 'boop' in a cute voice (go ahead and tell me im wrong). After that its smooth sailing, three minutes or so on one side and one-ish on the other. Then...

... we have the berry pancakes of vegan magic. These bad boys didn't even need syrup cause the berries are already juicy (but we added some anyway, of course). Oh, and remember the burned berries that we were trying to avoid earlier? Well it turns out that what you want to avoid on one side is the best part of the other. I swear it was like a combination of the crispy cheese on the panini and Jesus.

S, by now your probbaly asking A) why is e ranting about something simple and B) what 'good deed' means in the title. Well, during my grocery excursion and the finding of the berry deal and such, I noticed how nobody can buy a whole hand of bananas. I dont care if a family of nine is buying one, the mother will grab a hand of six and rip one off and leave it there. At first i thought it was funny, but then i thought of the hand as a family... i mean, they were born and raised together, traveled the globe, went through banana puberty and got into fights with the plantain gang from down the road who tried to get them hooked on that bad shiz. And this woman sees fit to destroy sich a beautiful family group, this can't keep happening! There-go, i found the biggest hand in the bunch (8 friggin naners!) and rounded it up to nine by taking home the orphan banana. OR, as i named her...

"Little Orphan Nanny"
All in all it was an extremely successful pancake morning. Once nourished it was time for some nice reading by the pool and an afternoon film of 'Hamlet 2'. Rock me sexy Jesus indeed. Later on, it appeared as though my good deeds brought the good Lord to tears cause the rain came out to play and i had to retreat into the house to peruse blog-land for a little while before i dove into another pancake adventure (but thats another story).
On a serious note, things at the radio station are going really good. Im learning a crapload about the radio industry and am loving the people i work around which is definitely a pleasant shift. Couple that with a recent reunion with some old friends and a tip down memory lane which led Pan-Clay-ke to Calvary Chapel for the saturday service and you have the makings of an amazing weekend. Speaking of church happenings and friends and such there is a much more serious post coming soon so be ready, i would venture to go the distance now but i feel i have rambled for long enough and The Next Food Network Star is about to start. Again... always leave them wanting more.
So, until next time please remember to live well, laugh often and, for godness sake, dont split up the banana family!

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  1. This blog makes me miss you like crazy! I laughed out loud a lot, I think I scared my co-workers... I'm happy that someone is FINALLY on the side of keeping the family together!

    I'm thinking about starting my own blog spot and need help coming up with a name... probably going to be blogging mostly about dating... what do you think of 'texinthecity'
    or 'texinthetitties' (!)

    P.S. I think that bunny might actually be a guinea pig!!!! :)